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Eugene Terre’Blanche Vs BBC Faggot

Published on 17 Nov 2022 / In Interesting

Eugene Terre’Blanche was an Afrikaner Nationalist who was killed by niggers in a South African farm attack. Here he is being interviewed by Louis Theroux.

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Spectralwulf 12 days ago

Eugene only should have hired AWB youth to work on his farm and never should have hired blacks for anything. He surely could have mentored whites that were willing to help him and work for him. He should have known that blacks were treacherous to have around. He really should have had personal guards knowing the South African regime wanted him dead. Louis is such a leftist twit with no regard for the survival of the Boer people. It's too bad he and his cameraman weren't captured by the kind of savages that butcher Boer farmers.

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