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Euroic Counter to Christian Counter-Arguments

Published on 20 Oct 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣I recently read a book called Hammer Of The Patriot by Charles Chapel and published by a nationalist publisher called Claymore Books. I'm not going to review or critique this book as a whole as this has already been done by Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative and I broadly agree with his overall positive view of the book. Instead I'm going to respond to just one specific section of one particular chapter, this being the one part of the entire book that I essentially disagreed with.

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Derby 3 months ago

PA including Mark Collett are fake oppositions.

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It's all about 3:15 Genesis ''That enmity (hatred) between the two races'' the serpents seed and Adams seed, That simple, the first example of that hatred is when the serpent seed Cain killed his half brother Abel, Not because Adam was evil , But because he himself was evil. all this came about because Satan's pride and deceiving many that he was God, He so badly wanted to sit in seat in the seat of God (Particularly the Mercy Seat) Christ Seat. So now we have this world being primed for this false Christ who shall return with a false peace and prosperity and shall deceive many because they are looking for the brutality and plundering which is happening today. Have they not taken YHVH laws and turn them upside down, Have they not taken Yahshua Christ out of the Government, Our schools and our justice system. People will be happy to accept this instead of Christ '' from the Greek anti Christ '' and he will take them in, and you won't even have to repent of your errors he will accept you just the way you are, Without repentance and full of sin which leads to death, then while everybody enjoy the false peace and security, then sudden destruction shall come upon all those that agreed to the system, worshipped him, And believed the lies that led to there being deceived. So there you have it, two races of peoples, The serpent seed ''Satan in human form'', and the son of man Seed, Adams seed passed on thru His family, All the way to Mary. I am 100% believe in my heart everybody destiny depends on who your are, and have you read from the Bible what you destiny is, It's in there, find a good teacher they are out there, If will just search. Peace to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

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