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Europa The Last Battle (11) Bonus Footage

Published on 01 Sep 2022 / In Uncategorized

bonus footage

cover image is my favorite picture of che guevara

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AryanRooster 3 months ago

And never forget that 'sexual orientation' was also invented by John Money: You remember, the guy who invented the ''gender'' cult?

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Bill 3 months ago

Thank you for not banning comments like Historical Lies Exposed.

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HailVictory 3 months ago

I dont fuck with comments unless they are adverts or pornographic.

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DTGKSonofGod 3 months ago

Diversity is found throughout Yahweh's Creation !

All non white's and their fake ass jew kingpins , are not part of Yahweh's Creation and are non-homogenous - genetic mongrels - bastards - corruptions !

All :

so called jews -
subhuman apes -
sand niggers -
filthy damn asians -
himalayan mongolian apes -
wetbacks -
every other mongrelized - bastardized - genetic - circus side show freek !

Are 98% of Earth's population and carry the rhesus monkey factor DNA and are genetically linked to all 612 species of primate .

All 98% of the population , have RH Positive blood = Primate origin .

All White Adamic Israelite's :{ Germans - Anglo Saxons - Celtics - Nordic - Scandinavians }: are Yahweh's Creation and are 1-2% of Earth's population .

All True White's :{ not mixed DNA }: do not carry the rhesus monkey factor DNA and cannot be genetically linked to any of the 612 known species of primate .

All True non mixed white's , have RH Negative blood .

Negative = no primate DNA

Positive = primate DNA

look up : christogenea.org

Listen to this podcast series entirely :


You will soon discover who those so called jews and their 9 billion non white invading and weaponized sub-humanity really are ; likewise , you will learn who the True Chosen Race / People are aka :

White Adamic Israelite Race

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DTGKSonofGod 3 months ago

@Furious Honkey: Any so called white person , with primate DNA is not a White person , but a corruption and has nigger DNA , in it's past .
The most confirming evidence , is their beliefs and behavior .

A good Tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit ; these fruits , are the character and behavioral traits known to Rh Negatives and Rh Positives.

They can be easily observed in the real world and are impossible to hide / conceal.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

@Furious Honkey:

" .... Being a neg blood type does not mean one is pure and not mongrel ..... "
Actually, it does.
As Rh- is a recessive trait, then it can only emerge if alleles from both mother and father are negative.
The only way a + father and a - mother can have an Rh- child is if the father is recessive for Rh-, ie he carries the allele, but when reduction division occurred in his sperm, the Rh- allele was sequestered into it.
The Rh- mother of course, is double Rh- and so cannot help but put the Rh- allele into all of her eggs.
Learn a little biology, then come back, and we can talk.

As to "exterminating large portions of the white race" then learn from the story of Noah's Flood - in which event rather more than just "large portions" of people were exterminated.
God will have complete racial purity in His chosen people, regardless of the amount of death He has to allow in order for this to occur.
Rhesus protein was so named because it was first detected in Rhesus monkeys - so this makes it at the least possible that it was aboriginally from these creatures - if so, then men have interbred with monkeys, and again if so, if they have done that, they will be exterminated, as race / species mixing is absolutely forbidden, and was the reason why the Fall of Man occurred in the first place, when Eve copulated with satan.
God, of course, existed from before time was; so as the jews only emerged as a race in about 700 BC after the exile, then God cannot be a jew - if however you call Him a jew because the jews created Him, then you would logically have to explain why a God they created condemns them both by name and action in the pages of the book they supposedly wrote.
And we are not desiring to exterminate anybody - all extermination will be carried out by God Himself, as He has clearly indicated that it is His intention to do.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

In Malachi 4, if you're interested.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

@Furious Honkey:

Firstly, a father who is Rh+ is not from a pure racial line - he is contaminated with the Rh factor, ie he is Rh+.
Your problem is that you understand nothing of genetics, even after I explained it to you.

In the case of the Rh+ father you mention, yes, his genetics are contaminated, therefore he will not inherit the kingdom with an Rh- son or daughter.

So the "line" is not contaminated, because the son or daughter can produce more Rh- children.
What is contaminated is certain members of the line; but the line can exist without them, via Rh- offspring - which he can have, as stated.

And by definition, Rh- does "indicate racial purity."

Yes, we are "talking about the name of a protein" - which originally came from a monkey.
If this protein is then found in a man or woman, then their genetics have been contaminated at some point by interbreeding with monkeys.
"That person" would NOT "carry mongrel genetics" - because "that person" would be double Rh- in both alleles, and so uncontaminated with monkey proteins.
You are confusing "a genetically pure family line" with the idea that everybody in the family was pure as well - which self-evidently they aren't, if the father, for example, was Rh+, but carrying an Rh- allele, which he passed on to his son - or daughter.
So for example, Noah was declared to be "pure in his generations" and yet he had a son called Ham who wasn't; he was contaminated through Noah's wife, who obviously gave him the Rh+ allele, and thus his wish to have sex with his mother.
And again, if the son is Rh-, then he is not carrying the Rh+ allele, and so is pure, whereas his father, who was Rh+, was not.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

@Furious Honkey:

I am not kidding.
God works according to a precise timeline, and it is mirrored in the seven days of Creation, and as we learn in Peter, one day with the Lord is as a thousand years; this tells us that the time period for the playing-out of this drama is 7000 years - and the evidence is that we are in the final 1000 years since creation, so the end of all things is at hand.
Peter also predicts that in the final days, many will arise saying "Where is the promise of His coming? Since the fathers fell asleep, all things have remained as they always were. "
But as we learn elsewhere, we should not confuse the slowness of God to judgement with the idea that this judgement will not occur; this is seen again with the Flood, when Methuselah, whose name means "When he dies, it shall come" was the longest lived man in all history - and so God kept him alive as long as he did so men would have as much time to repent of their wickedness as it was possible to give them; but in the year when Methuselah finally died, the Flood was unleashed.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

And in case you were wondering, my own blood type is A-.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

WRT the age of the earth, which you will obviously believe is 3.7 billion years.
It isn't.
The decay of uranium to lead is used to measure the age of a rock, and on present evidence, that age can be said in some cases to APPEAR to be 3.7 by.
However, as uranium decays to lead, it gives off helium gas by alpha decay.
Helium is an extremely small atom, and diffuses out of the rock it is formed in very rapidly.
That being the case, there should only be tiny amounts of helium in these rocks, but there is far more than can be explained; ergo, these rocks are much, much, younger than scientists generally believe.
When you do the math of diffusion rate vs. local temperature, you get a straight line graph which intersects the x axis at a point 6000 years ago.
Atmospheric scientists have long wondered why, given the "enormous age of the earth" the atmosphere has so little helium gas in it - and here is the reason, because it is still locked up inside the rocks where it formed.
helium diffusion rates are very predictable, and only rely on criteria such as rock pore size and ambient temperature, so the calculations of age determined by this diffusion rate cannot be affected by other processes, whereas radioactive decay rates are affected by other factors.
Specifically, if you knock the external electrons off the outer shell of uranium with massive electric bombardment, the nucleus is destabilized, and decays very rapidly - and this bombardment occurred at the time of Noah's flood, when the earth was massively flexed and agitated such that piezoelectric discharges were huge; and it was these that destabilized the uranium atoms, and made them rapidly decay, and thus present to us the false belief that they are ancient.

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DTGKSonofGod 3 months ago

Extermination is the only Lasting and Permanent Solution !

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