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Ex high-level mason Leo Zagami

Published on 07 Nov 2021 / In Freemasonry

Interview with a 37-year-old Leo Zagami. I came across his name because of Robert Sepehr's latest video, in which he is featured at the end. He seems legit to me, but regardless of whether he is truly a defector or not, he shares some interesting stories in this interview.

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WhiteRageIsComing 26 days ago

What he's saying pretty much matches with the covid-19 Plandemic and MRNA injection.

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dino 26 days ago

Especially the technocratic aspect. The overlords want to use technology to rule over their slaves in a totalitarian fashion. I am reading The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit at the moment, and it turns out that the potential of technology as a means of total power has been known since the Middle Ages. Technology and magic are two sides of the same coin. Technology takes care of the physical aspects of the world, and magic takes care of the spiritual aspects. That is the true secret of kabalah: the marriage of the spiritual and the technological. This is exactly what forms the basis of freemasonry as well.

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