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Executive Orders by Tom Clancy (1996) [Part 1] πŸ“šπŸŽ§

Published on 02 Oct 2022 / In Audiobooks

⁣Executive Orders is a techno-thriller novel, written by Tom Clancy and released on July 1, 1996. It picks up immediately where the final events of Debt of Honor(1994) left off, and features now-U.S. President Jack Ryan as he tries to deal with foreign and domestic threats. The book is dedicated to former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who helped launch Clancy's worldwide success as a novelist. The book debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list.


⁣The United States government

Jack Ryan: President of the United States
Scott Adler: Acting secretary of state
George Winston: Acting secretary of the treasury
Patrick β€œPat” Martin: Acting attorney general
Tony Bretano: Acting secretary of defense
Arnold van Damm: President Ryan’s chief of staff
Ben Goodley: National Security Advisor to President Ryan
Dan Murray: Acting director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Pat O’Day: FBI "roving inspector" working under Murray
Andrea Price: Chief of the United States Secret Service Detail
Aref Raman: Special agent for the Secret Service who is an Iranian sleeper agent assigned to assassinate President Ryan
Bert Vasco: Senior desk officer for Iraq, U.S. State Department The Central Intelligence Agency
Ed Foley: Acting Director of Central Intelligence Mary Pat Foley: Deputy Director of Operations
John Clark: Operations officer Domingo β€œDing” Chavez: Operations officer
The United States military
Robby Jackson: Director of operations (J-3) for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General

Marion Diggs: Commander of the Fort Irwin National Training Center in California, later the senior U.S. commander in the American effort in Saudi Arabia
Al Hamm: Commander of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Irwin working under General Diggs
Colonel Nick Eddington: Commander of the North Carolina Army National Guard's 30th Heavy Brigade later deployed to Saudi Arabia Major General

John Pickett: Commanding officer of the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

The United Islamic Republic
Ayatollah Mahmoud Haji Daryaei: Leader of Iran. Having previously met Ryan in the novel The Sum of All Fears, he underestimates him as out of his element and seizes the opportunity to turn Iran into a superpower, destabilizing the United States in the process.
Ali Badrayn: Daryaei's trusted advisor
Dr. Mohammed Moudi: Iranian doctor with the World Health Organization who is an agent for the Iranian government, finding out a strain of the Ebola virus in Zaire and weaponizing it.
"Movie Star": Terrorist with ties to Badrayn who is in charge of the kidnapping attempt on President Ryan's daughter Katie

Other characters

Ed Kealty: Former Vice President of the United States who consistently tries to sabotage Ryan's legitimacy as the United States's chief executive
Cathy Ryan: First Lady of the United States and associate professor of the ophthalmology department at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Kathleen "Katie" Ryan: Jack and Cathy Ryan's youngest daughter

Sergey Golovko: Chairman of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)
Gennady Bondarenko: General-Lieutenant for the Russian Ground Forces and Golovko's trusted advisor

Prime Minister of India (unnamed): She regards President Ryan as weak and later agrees to an alliance with the UIR and China in order to continue with her plans to take over Sri Lanka, later backing out when the U.S. President threatens her with retaliation if Indian Navy ships, blockading the Strait of Hormuz, interfere with the U.S. surface group approaching the Persian Gulf through the strait.

Zhang Han San: Chinese senior diplomat with imperialistic motives who allies with Daryaei
Pierre Alexandre: Former U.S. Army colonel who becomes an associate professor of the infectious diseases department at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He is later appointed Surgeon General of the United States by President Ryan for his efforts in handling the Ebola epidemic.

Augustus "Gus" Lorenz: Special pathogens branch head for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta

Ralph Forster: Head of the infectious diseases department at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Tom Donner: Television anchor for NBC who is suborned by Kealty into ambushing President Ryan in a televised interview. He later apologizes to the President after covering a battle in Saudi Arabia as part of the press pool.

John Plumber: A television commentator working with Donner who is also critical of Ryan, but later publicly admits to sabotaging Ryan's interview in the name of journalistic integrity.

Bob Holtzman: Senior White House correspondent for The Washington Post

Peter Holbrook: An anti-government extremist ("Mountain Men") who plots to kill President Ryan by using a cement truck loaded with explosives. He is later arrested by the police.

Ernest Brown: Holbrook's accomplice who is also arrested.

Sister Jean Baptiste: A nun working as a nurse in a hospital in Zaire who contracts Ebola from a patient. Dr. Moudi later extracts the Ebola virus from her and weaponizes it.

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