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Exempt From the (((BIOWEAPON COVID-19 INJECTION))) Mandate

Published on 25 Nov 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Exempt From the (((BIOWEAPON COVID-19 INJECTION))) Mandate

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ScreamingInSilence 2 months ago

Riddle me this:

If the masks work, why the social distancing?
If social distancing works, why the lockdowns?
If all 3 work, why the vaccine?
If all 4 work, why the "No Liability Clause"?

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standingalone 2 months ago

Where did he get his info from? I’m not doubting it, but when you show other people stuff like this, you want to have the information so they can go look themselves, otherwise it just becomes hearsay.

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Zenith26 2 months ago (edited)

So the point is, we now go and do that, then return with our findings. There are numerous examples of Gov "officials" around the globe stating that specific groups "in on it" are exempt from the kill-shot which everyone else MUST take or else. How obvious does it have to get what's going on here until folk wake-up?

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ytrebiLeurT 2 months ago

I exempt myself, you fool...

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