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Exposing British Royal Family

Published on 10 Sep 2022 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

Satanic Pedophilia British Royal Family

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NewWorldCircus 19 days ago

Glad she's gone

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JudgementIsComing 22 days ago

"what will the public do when they find out all this horrible shit".

Probably nothing. Because we have become so weak and pathetic we won't even stand up for our own children. GOD I HATE THIS WORLD!

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Darcy John Bouchard
Darcy John Bouchard 17 days ago

Job proved that the world and everything in it belongs to Satan - and ours is naught but the Spirit.

Its shitty out on the cold concrete streets in our steel and glass cities, and its getting shittier; and I agree that the the weak and pathetic are demoralizing... as those fools haply surrender reason like the asses they are, but pray we live long and prosper for once the all us good fade away forever, whats left!?


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JudgementIsComing 22 days ago

I pray daily for FIRE to start raining down on these!

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Bunny72 27 days ago

My father is a freemason, he has become possessed by the devil, I have cut off all contact from him

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Bond0077 27 days ago

The readon they hid her death until now is because they didn't want the British public to decide that William should be king. Charles can't even stand up straight, ffs. Imagine that big eared cunt trying to lead an army. He'd be exhausted and dead before he even reached the battlefield. But yes, they eat babies and all the masons eat them too. No one mentions freemasonry because we all have a lodge nearby..And it's easier to do nothing and let the truth go unspoken..

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nonstopwarfare 27 days ago

yes masonry is the nuts and bolts of control right down to local level, they should be the target, after all they're all local, just up the road from you and me, maybe one of them lives next door to you?

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