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Eye Surgery Cancelled Because of Refusing Covid Test, Feb 3, 2022

Published on 03 Feb 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

⁣Very telling discussion with the hospital and doctor's office and how they denied me my sight-saving eye operation because of me refusing the COVID test. The COVID test is an invasive procedure I don't want nor should be extorted/compelled to take so I can have a sight-saving operation. They LIED to me - for where they promise to DO NO HARM, they do HARM by denying me this procedure. ⁣(Like the man denied the rightful heart transplant because he wouldn't take the vax,I am denied a sight-saving procedure
because I refuse their invasive COVID TEST.)

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whitepride73 1 year ago

We need to cancel Jews, because they're not White. Ultimately, that's the best medical advice anyone can give.

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Prowhite 1 year ago

They're frightened of litigation (because they know it's wrong) that's why they don't want to give him a paper trail.

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JimRizoli 1 year ago


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Wicked01 1 year ago

Shots are more important than any other treatment including adverse reactions from it…sheeple still trustingly blind to medical organisations.

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concretepigeon 1 year ago

Hello, is that John Ravioli?
Idiots 😀😀😀
Lazy, donut consuming idiots.
This is the antimeritocrisy of Bolshevism.

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