Fake Politics The ILLUSION of Choice Trump Zionist Jesuit Puppet

Published on 06 Nov 2022 / In Cointel Pro Shills

Politics is fake. All rigged and theater like Pro Wrestling

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R1Nation 9 days ago

Also I notice you have quoted Benjamin Disraeli the supposed brave Jew who stood up to the Illuminati cabal
The reality is they always do pretend they are standing up to the cabal and they are one of the good ones they will even reveal secrets about its operation that only they would know, They do it with the permission of the conspirators so they can have one of their own controlling the opposition

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R1Nation 15 days ago

Trump ran for office in Like 2000 did the same escalator thing he always does that

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NewWorldCircus 28 days ago

Trump is FAR from a Christian.

If anything he is an agent pushing Judeo-Christianity

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