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Fallen angels or ET aliens UFO's?

Chaplain Bob Walker
Published on 29 Apr 2022 / In Conspiracies

Why all the movies about space aliens? Are they planning on using that angle? Picture is from Star Trek corbomite manuever.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

You mean I’m the dinosaur with the Oldsmobile and gun and the humans are the Noahide cell phone / AI computer people?

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NewWorldCircus 5 months ago

I saw Jurassic World: Dominion

In the end of the movie, Jeff Golbum narrated a message

"The question is can people live amongst these old world dinosaurs, can we co-exist with them .. peacefully??"

What I got from that is, 'can white people survive amongst 3rd world pieces of shit?'.

Because, that is what white people are being forced to do.

Live amongst niggers (you ever see Encino man starring Brendan Frasier?), Hispanics with their animalistic ways of life, Middle Easterners... Etc, etc

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NewWorldCircus 5 months ago

According to the Bible, the Earth's atmosphere is barricaded.

A dome over earth.

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Messerschmit2 7 months ago

Research the plot of DUNE
Barbra Spector WEF
Great plan
Kill off billions to erase ancestors memories
Kabbalist kazzars
Worm empire

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 7 months ago

dune's messiah the mahdeeb has muslim overtones for sure

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Messerschmit2 7 months ago

@Chaplain Bob Walker:
It’s hiding behind Islam
It’s really Jew
Listen closely
The Benijesuits
House of Benjamin

I listened to 5 hours of Dune theological research
The Benijesuits claim to be Jews
The movie is about their ultimate sacrifice and goal
To erase ancestors memories
Get it
Erase GOD
They use baby rape as excuse
One must not be related to a baby raper for 14 generations back or the red Russian army comes and uses eugenics on your national integrity

That’s only the ploy , not the plot - as they practice this stuff in the BRISS

Listen to Dune
Again- the theory videos
On you tube

Kalergie plan and Benijesuits plan
Barbra Spector
The same
Take over financial institutions

My question to you is
Is Jesus Christ on our side - or the Jews genetically?
Does Jesus Christ appreciate ancestors memories????
As these ancestors memories would lead to GOD / creator
They are trying to kill the link to GOD!?!?
Jesus Christ being The Door 🧬

This isn’t bullshit
The red Russian policy
The Eisenhower killing fields
Ian Erinberg
Tito’s Yugoslavia
Gustoff/Goya Ships
Many more show the Kabbalist objectives in their most true and pure form
Now Dune plot and Barbra Spector

When I learned this , it was very profound

Jesus Christ is the door to ancestors memories that remember GOD .
God the original creator
Not sex or silly crap
Serious issues within our own dna

I believe the war is here
Everything else is cause and effect

If you know Christ and are sincere you should get confirmation

There is power in the blood
Power wonder working power in the blood 🩸
🧬 of the lamb
It’s not sacrifice nor bloodlust
It’s information
It’s removed thru miscegenation and eugenics
Genicide and chemical engineering

This is a deep rabbit hole
If you choose to research it

It’s getting to big for me
If you come across
The British FCs banking regulatory commission jurisdiction
You know or mud flood , another one

Ya , big
The flood
The gold

Destruction of buildings and Central Europe
People and architecture

Hitler was Right
Jesus Christ is also right

This isn’t easy , nor can I say a win
But it’s true

Let me know how far you can research this - Dune 🧬 🩸 WEF
British FCs banking regulatory commission jurisdiction

ITS DEFINITELY THE PLAN . only logical conclusion

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 7 months ago

@Messerschmit2: actually the Canaanites posing as Jews and they will use the children of Ishmael to destroy us via Islam.

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Messerschmit2 7 months ago

@Chaplain Bob Walker: I think we are fucked
Fake Nazi now and chabab Lubavitch control of Putin
Nobody gets it
World reserve currency exchange status
Their goal

This is really bad

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Lego 7 months ago

@Messerschmit2: No we're not. White patriots are stronger than you think! Pay attention to the numbers...

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Messerschmit2 7 months ago

@Lego :
Depending upon the will of Jesus Christ
Well find out
I’d hate to serve those Marxist Jews who pulled off ww2 so easily fooling the dumb goyim to destroy themselves for global techno Marxism

Industrial bases and tech is already ruined , that’s why I’m saying we are fucked , their global warming shit has made its way into the industrial base and Jesus Christ hasn’t had an opinion, which is also odd,
He lives
Jesus Christ is real
Make no mistake about that , it’s one of the few solid facts about life.
I suspect Jews are a lesser of another evil , though my prayers and answers- not good enough I say
It will take a lot of education so we don’t fall like Ukraine for fake NS
Or Jew Putin shit

I’ll require a ship. Oil well and refinery

A Graf Spee type ship will do perfectly
Are we ready for that ? As I’ll require safe harbors?
See where line in the sand is / and how far too go

Yes a ship , this will ensure blockade of certain computer chips support and materials

Taking down cell towers
Barter and trade

As Jews leave who fills the vacuum of power left behind?

I’m thinking at least 60 more years till the population is ready

Ancestors memories
Jesus is the door 🚪
God - back 📜
Remnants Remember

Arbiten machts frei
Don’t mention flat earth to anyone who is Jew wise , they will side with the globe and Jews to fight flat earth- I learned that one.

Did you know our country has more people and infrastructure dedicated to law enforcement than any other industrial base?

All those paychecks come from the Jew banks for Jew objectives

They are the foundation of central banking fractional reserve debt or lending loans and paychecks to cash
When this issue comes into play , you will know
Watch them
The central banking system is built upon the morganthol plan which is built upon
The lie and mass murders of Germans and Central European

Do you see that POWER?

Government officials
Central banking
Federal reserve debt scheme

Now tech and a Microsoft integrated software system
Population over 8 billion

America has gone backwards since 1963
JFK- Kissinger

It would take GOD to fix this
Jews claim copyright on him too

I hope your right and I’m wrong
I just don’t see any hope , other than Christ himself

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Lego 7 months ago

@Messerschmit2: I agree with some of the things that you say, but the rest I disagree. Yes, the spark of divinity is strong amongst awakened Whites, but America is a colonial outpost of Europe. As the social support system of America continues to degrade, America will return back to 19th century and 20th century life doctrines. Cities are just one example of wealthy people taken the metropolitans areas back for themselves. The small towns and farms will once again fall back into the hands of our fellow poor folk who must re-unite in a mixed use setting in order to survive.

European leaders should never have fought in WW1, since the 20th century and beyond is no longer about petty statesmen rivalries, but rather, fascist-futurism. Sure, America shouldn't have fought the wars for the bankers and industrialists. But that was also the case with the confederacy. We must learn from our mistakes and failures, to not repeat the same fiasco again.

I like your poetry style response, but Whites are more organized and resilient than ever, so never lose hope! Of all the Anglo-sphere nations, who would've thought that Canada would become the most radical?? The Canadian Freedom trucker protests made the liberals and Trudeau shit their pants! White Canadians have redeemed themselves! Everyone thinks Canada as a passive, docile and won't get angry over anything nation... Clearly us Americans were wrong about all that! You'd expect Australia to do something like this, and not Canada!

We live in very interesting times, and I wouldn't despair about this or that traitor/sinner. If we make one step towards God; God will take many steps towards us! Same with Christ! So long as we acknowledge and respect the teachings of Christ, Christ will help us no matter what happens!

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Messerschmit2 7 months ago

@Lego : Not bad
I’m impressed

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NewWorldCircus 5 months ago

@Chaplain Bob Walker: do you think GOD is angry about our discrimination towards blacks, Hispanics, and Middle Easterners ????

How can I love those people when they are animals ?????

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

Look how long we been at this
I say support Worldtruth video the real people are on here@Chaplain Bob Walker:

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

@Chaplain Bob Walker:
Dune is deep
I have a difficult time trying to line Dune up with Kabbalist objectives
But it’s a definite thread
Truth drop to anyone who can interpret the Kabbala to Dune and back to WEF and political agendas.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

@Lego : trying
I don’t see it
In fact
East Indians and Mexicans are trying to buy my garage from white European people who I rent from in order to kick me out and as as all East Indians do - board up garage for mini mart and Mexicans get big money and Fed loans
I really don’t see any real resistance
It’s a cast system
Wealthy people will marry wealthy people and the money is GOD TO THEM
Maybe Jesus Christ will straighten this out , I have no doubt he lives
And holds the deed to earth.
God hates miscegenation
For good reason

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Lego 4 months ago

@NewWorldCircus: Bob Walker has mentioned many times that the reason why we find ourselves in this mess (getting swamped by Jews and overrun by Non-Whites) is because of our ancestors disobedience to the commandments of God. God will punish his people (the White Race) for worshipping the Devil, committing way too many sins, and being the whore for Satan. Until Whites repent and turn from their wicked ways; then will God heal our land!

However, we live in very interesting times right now, as the Camp of the Saints (Hitler Germany) have been destroyed and millions of Germans massacred. The end result of WW2 has been the giving up of all White nations to the Devil (Jews) and since then kikes have used their enormous material power to flood every White nation with darkies, in the hope that this flood will destroy all Whites...

Most patriots have retreated into the wilderness, and have traded territorial space for time. Working class and middle class Whites are mostly dead by now. The wealthy, Masonic Whites will very soon die out, and then it will TRULY be the remnant seed of the White race left on Earth. The Earth will help us by swallowing up this flood of sub-humanity and then the Jews will wage military war against us as a final resort, before we shall win.

In other words, the Bible can be used for inspiration, long lasting influence, and for understanding the present age that we find ourselves in. God Bless!

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Lego 4 months ago

@Richard Strach: Don't be so short sighted. Yes, those wealthy people have money, but money is useless without a higher destiny in life. That is why you'll see so many rich people abuse their money (and even abuse other people), because deep down they're empty (soul less) from all the materialistic consumption.

Many rich WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) have already died out, since they do not reproduce children in any stable number (3 children per woman in order to maintain the current demography level). On top of that, the typical WASP these days is a Freemason who serves the Jews. Once the larger portion of working/middle class Whites are permanently gone (have died out), these few remaining bourgeois class of Whites will get eaten up by the Jews and darkies.

As stated in the bible, less than a million Whites will become the "remnant remains (seed)" of God people. The truly good Whites have already retreated into the wilderness and are now preparing, buying time for the final clash that the Jews will wage on us once the horde of sub-humanity is swallowed up by the Earth.

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Lego 4 months ago

@Richard Strach: Also, another character trait that many White Americans have forgotten is their ability to quickly learn and improvise.

NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, LA etc. were all built up incrementally over time. These big cities used to be wood shacks with only a few hundred people. When the population grew and more money abound, those wood shacks were torn down and built into three story brick buildings. When more wealth and people came, then you'd get the skyscrapers of NYC or Chicago (the beautiful Art Deco architecture high rises). Back in those days, everyone got involved in urban planning, whether it was a store clerk or factory machinist who would build their own house for their family after a day work. Some of the greatest buildings we've created here in America, came from Amateur men who knew how to study, and then dispense their knowledge into something practical. If you can re-learn some of these construction skills; you would be doing great on a farm or small town!

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

@Lego :
I love Art Deco
That is classy clean lined quality construction.
I’m studying the mud flood.
They are - official narrative- sayin
Romans built England
That Anglo / Saxon Germanic tribes run around in animal skins and thatched roof dirt floors until ROMANS CAME TO CIVILIZE them and build ridiculously beautiful gothic cathedrals and Greco Roman architecture
I say
The real Hebrew Israelites are the European nations and they always knew advanced construction techniques.
Evidence is building like these structures.
I know how I think
I know - it wouldn’t have been long before I was building a steam engine or experimenting in electrical engineering.
I’d say 3 or 4 generations
Not 10,000 years before a steam engine on a boat was invented.
Yet, the ego of slavery and peaty is unknown
Maybe personal vendettas held us back
God know I can’t find any integrity to build an oil well or refinery without OFFICIAL APPROVAL
ANOINTED BY GOD- integrity
Anointed- integrity
Our people are followers- not leaders?
Following the money
It would take God himself free the unique and industrial bases from the NWO banking cartel.
If we can’t do this in the time the grass is green / how can we when the ground is scorched?

I get it
How I wish to break free from this NWO shit
Million acres of land and stuck here fighting with forgien neighbors who desire my property and racing to get Fed money to kick me out.

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