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Families of Holocaust Survivors Welcome Afghan Refugees

Published on 07 Nov 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2
Families of Holohoax survivors welcome Afghani refugees

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standingalone 3 months ago

Propaganda, the jew always needs the people to think they are good. When just the opposite is true.

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WhiteNight 3 months ago

well, its really hard to comment on this shit

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ytrebiLeurT 3 months ago

"Relief Team" LoL I bet your babies will feel very "relieved" after you forcibly cut off their foreskin. "Here comes the Circumcision Relief Team". You Jews are so embarrassed ...

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ytrebiLeurT 3 months ago (edited)

Jews welcome Jew haters, yes, that makes sense. Don't forget to give them guns. It won't take long then the "friendly" "refugees" (what are they fleeing from?) Will ask for money instead of food because those who only get food quickly feel inferior, but whoever gets money feels uplifted. So watch out Jews, get your bank account ready for your "darlings", lol
Anyway, the money only comes from Germany anyway, this theater sucks ...

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pastprovespresent 2 months ago

The money comes from Germany and the American tax payer I do believe they said they were staying on a US military base.

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ytrebiLeurT 2 months ago

@pastprovespresent: Exactly, the money comes from Germany, the blackmailing of the Jews with the Holocaust works, so the Jews save their necks. No money from Germany = death of the Jewish agenda ...

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