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Fat Nog Vlogger Leaves Work, Beats Off To White Coworker In Gas Station, Tells YT

Published on 26 Dec 2020 / In Niggers

This being goes by "eat dat pussy" on YouTube, he's an NFL YouTuber with a huge following, I believe he was featured on ESPN or SportCenter once.

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SanctusDivine 5 months ago

This fat nigger went by the name EDP445 on youtube. Last month he was caught trying to meet up with a 13 year old girl. He truly is a sick bastard.

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PatriisVirtutibus 5 months ago


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Soldier1 8 months ago (edited)

Okay, everyone repeat after me "if you never expect good behavior from a nog, you'll never be disappointed".

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NewWorldCircus 11 months ago

I don't have many friends in real life that agree with me; NIGGERS are truly, souless, demonic, morally bankrupt, low IQ, animals,.

I have lived in the cities, I have been around these people.
It never fails, these people are just not wired for western civilization.
They are truly animals, in the most literal sense.

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Ou✟cas✟ 11 months ago

Wow... Smh...

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 11 months ago

this is a degenerate POS. he is intentionally degrading a (potentially) precious White Woman that is his Intellectual and Spiritual Superior to drag her and all other White Women down. all this kind can do is destroy they are USELESS otherwise... THAT is why the jew brought the nigger to the White Lands.

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