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Fayetteville Youth Fishing Tournament

Published on 03 Sep 2022 / In Travel & Events

Getting out to some of the events in town Cujo and I walked to the Stonebridge Memorial Park for this day's event of fishing. The day before the Tennessee Wildlife people, Game Wardens, stocked the Duck Pond with lots of catfish so that today all the children could compete for biggest catch and prizes. I stayed for an hour and a half until Cujo let me know he was ready to go walking. I did not think anyone would care to see these folk sitting around like I was so I cut out the event a bit and focused on the walk.

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Hatbox 24 days ago

I need to learn to fish. I bought some twine and hooks in case I had an emergency and had to catch dinner. I don't what kind of pole to get. I just want a plain vanilla one. I told a friend this might also be the first year I went deer
hunting too lol.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 24 days ago

A couple years ago I bought a Catfish Pole and Reel at Walmart. It was about $30.00 and I have never used it. I do not have a fishing license which you can get at Walmart for about $10 or $12.00. I bought lots of stuff to go with it too. I just keep it along with a whole closet of outdoor camping equipment from sleeping bags to pots and pans and coffee pot, to be ready. With a fishing pole all you need is a hook, line and sinker and a float helps. Just cast it into the water with a worm on it and you will begin catching fish. Gut them, descale them, cut their head off, place them on a grill over a fire and you will be eating in 30 minutes. I have never killed a deer but have watched it done. You have to tie up their hind legs and gut them. You have to know where to place your cuts for the meat too. In a crockpot deer meat shreds up and tastes great.

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