(((fbi))) director christopher wray on behalf of the gAyDL

Published on 24 Nov 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.
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JewsAreLikeSnakes 5 days ago

feed them to the sharks

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jimmyhugo 5 days ago

millions of americans will never listen to this speech as they watch events such as the super bowl which is a pity. Christopher Wray explicitly describes how the fbi is in place and working to hunt nazis in the year 2022 in order to protect americans. the exclusive platform given to the jewish people is amazing. elderly people are being targeted daily. asian americans targeted. immigrants legal and illegal targeted. poor people and rich people targeted daily. yet one group as the director of the fbi entertain them with speech on how they are so good, their detractors are so bad, and that he is so for them. only one flag is so omnipresent in the executive branch offices that it could literally replace the american flag. and only one leader of a certain country is flown into the house of congress to dictate to america what they should do and what is in their best interests. i hope 88 from the force of small metal objects never litters Mr. Wray's face.

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