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FBI Exposed In Governor Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot!

Published on 17 Jul 2021 / In News & Politics
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Fryer 2 months ago

The FBI has assassinated Robert LaVoy Finnigan as welll

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Salty556 2 months ago

Just in case you're confused

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Truthload 2 months ago

Great video leni .my only qualm is the thumbnail. The American flag should be flown upside down and backwards to signal we here in the states are in direct threat of life and property. As are the rest of our white brothers and sisters in countries around the world that are afflicted by jewish siege and plunder.

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Spectralwulf 2 months ago

The FBI doesn't seem to be a legitimate crime fighting organization anymore. They have become political goons that spend loads of money chasing ghosts while attempting to frame and arrest political opponents of the regime. There were 15 agents assigned to investigate whether the NASCAR garage door rope handles were nooses meant to intimidate a black driver. The FBI leadership is not serving the USA but attacking it. The organization needs to be disbanded if they won't go after the real criminals instead of protecting them.

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Soldier1 2 months ago

The FBI framed Schaeffer Cox, a former Alaska State Representative, of a similar crime. He's serving a 26 year sentence in a federal prison even though innocent. The FBI are the criminals.

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