FDR-by Eustace Mullins - Short Audio

Louis Marschalko
Published on 03 Feb 2022 / In Politics

⁣One of Roosevelt's first great feats as President was the gigantic gold swindle which he and Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau put through, the Gold Trading Act of 1934, which officially committed our government to support Jewish bankers in their manipulation of the price of gold. After a stiff fight with the Supreme Court, Roosevelt jammed through this bit of treachery, because, as Morgenthau said, "If the Supreme Court had decided against us, we had legislation ready to push through Congress which would have given us the same result." This Morgenthau is the son of the Henry Morgenthau who paid Woodrow Wilson's way into the White House in 1912 so that Wilson could send him as U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, where World Zionists were completing the details of the Communist Revolution in Russia.
Morgenthau was also the author of the infamous Morgenthau Plan to wipe out the German people in 1944, which was broadcast to the German armies and caused the lives of thousands of American boys to be sacrificed because the Germans were warned what would happen after they surrendered. This Plan, so determined in its ruthlessness that it aroused the horror of the civilized world, is typical of Jewish Communist efforts to slaughter whole peoples.

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