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⁣Federal Reserve fleecing the goyim

Published on 09 Jan 2022 / In Slavery

⁣Federal Reserve wants secrecy for their crimes against America

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i think we should nationalize the banks , i think i have an idea on how to do that too , would u tell me what u think because i was just tossing around the idea , what do u think of when i have marches to post notices on banks that they are being nationalized , make it say something like " NOTICE - THIS BANK IS NOW NATIONALIZED ......this notice hereby informs you that this bank has been nationalized by the american nationalist party government, representatives should be present on _______for forfeiture precedings on of ill-gotten assets , please freeze payments for bank held home loans , please freeze all assets held by individuals designated as financial terrorists ........................." i think the jew financial system is the biggest enemy and i have lot of money when i turn 40 but understand why gp wanted that now , never needed it , theres more important things , i think alot of people are comfortable under the current system and afraid of change but i think deep down they know we need to toss out the two captured parties , i run a "patriot group" that ive built over the past 15 years - quietly in preparation for a fight , the only way to stop this i think is to take full control , i would be far right and demand people contribute what they can , i did not miss a day of work last year , yet i think we can take care of those who cant , if i could become a beloved leader i could do some things like start liberating the world and nation building again - i would demand trudeau surrender for his crimes and invade if they do not turn him over within 24 hours - many canadians would say ok we have one day and we hate him - them taking him themself would give it more legitimacy which i need cuz europe is also a target for liberation and the fights only get harder as we go, i would partake in it too and livestream it from the front line as we move in to liberate them , i was a renouned fighter when i fought , that should be the measure of a war - does the presiddent himself feel its worth it enough to risk his own life or his own children , i dont actually think theyd resist , i am actually pro-white but compassionate , africa has a huge amount of resources - i would invade those failed states , paving the way for repatriation , unemployment will be no non existent - nigs would get a notice to report to a building project rather than leach off welfare , the ones that are a problem could be shipped to african mines or something , thats pretty much americas two biggest problems jews and niggers and all i had to do was stage a revolution , spend my fortune , ride a tank into canada reminding my people they are warriors , reinstate colonilism in africa and pave the way to liberate all the world from jewish tyranny , your thoughts ? as it sits im rebranding my movement , as something that can go national we were focused on local issues and need a better name for one we offer nationwide membership , there prob a few thousand men in my group , some just like the cameraderie and activities tho , ive promoted the most active and dedicated men who will help me get things rolling before i have unlimited money into a division that is actually part of the party , 1st division , my personal gaurd , kind of like liebstandarte , if u want i have patches , theyll be quite valueable some day and when noone really cares about money anymore they wont be sold , honor is more important in an honorable society and its time we return to that

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