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Feds issue ⁣“domestic violent extremism” (DVE) alert

Published on 29 Jul 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.
Feds issue ⁣“domestic violent extremism” (DVE) alert
this means they are planning another false flag

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GlitterFinch 2 months ago

Just in time for the phoney elections!

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.45ACP 2 months ago

I never asked nor do I need for the government to keep me safe.

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TinyCow 2 months ago

lol who would think people as a group would want to target kids and schools?! even if you believed all the bullshit false flags you would certainly surmise that it would just be some unhinged individual, not some ongoing political statement organised by a group. what a fucking joke this shit is. i hope their silly efforts at overreach actually open the eyes of people blind to the shit show

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Bond0077 2 months ago


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Hatbox 2 months ago

Oh yes, I'm counting on a government that robs me blind, wants to kill me with a bio weapon, liquify my body for Mickey D's "pink slime" burgers, etc., to keep me safe.

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