Felix Update + Rant

Published on 09 Jan 2022 / In Pets & Animals


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Prowhite 7 months ago

He's such a lovely boy!! Personally I would have cut his balls off just so I didn't have to release him near mexicans or their dogs. I am not saying that's what you should do because I'm not living there and don't know what the actually situation for you really is although if there is anything I can do to help you with Felix or ANYTHING AT ALL, let me know. We white men must start playing the game of life TOGETHER as a team. Anyway let me know if you need money at all for anything Rambetter, I would be happy to help you, or what might be better is do you have someway to donate, that way we can all aide you that way perhaps? I never like seeing you stressed as I worry about you being alone there and I wish the best for you. You are our brother and it's important your safe. Let me know how to contact you regards donating i.e. paypal etc?

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