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Published on 06 Jan 2022 / In Pets & Animals


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IdahoBen 13 days ago

What is Felix's fate?

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rambetter 13 days ago

I don't know. One thing for sure - he's not going to run around freely anymore. Another thing - I don't want to mistreat him or kill him. I will either find a good home for him or let him off in the friendly village a few km away.

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ARYAN VIKING 13 days ago

All I can do is to put neosporin ointment on a piece of cloth and then tape it around the injury for wounds like Tigris and Orange cat. The bandage will stay on about a day and then I just have to do it again. I cannot get involved with my neighborhood cats except to feed them as most are feral. Cujo had something like a worm eating into his hind foot which remained a seeping wound for a year but he is so active getting into the river everyday that I just rewrapped it a lot. I tried other ointments and would mix them together to try to kill whatever it was eating into him and today it is healed but something I continue to watch. I think a male like Felix is probably asserting his dominance with the other males and this is where the wounds come from. Felix is meaner than my Calico female; my cat won't kill anything but she attacks anyone coming into the house and wants only to be by my side, though not touching much except on her terms. She has a few small fleas and I have nothing to help her with that and, she won't let me do much. Felix knows he is special so I would just try to love him more and keep him near me if I had all the cats you do and just admonish him each time he does wrong but he won't change his nature no matter what you do. I wish I was down there because it is cold and miserable here.

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