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Finding out how leftists really feel about "unity & tolerance". Asking the questions in NY. Hilarious but predictable responses.

Published on 15 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs


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frogman 1 year ago

Fuck tolerance

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momento 1 year ago

I hate that word. It's over used now. Like "racist". Has no meaning.

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HereAmI 2 years ago

It's good to see that we have an initial basis for compromise, even if both sides' starting point is "no compromise", then that's something that unites us, so we can look forward to working constructively together in the future.
But not right now.

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momento 2 years ago

I'm not optomistic.

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2 years ago

Wait until democrats unearth their NWO and their real intent. I see lots of teeth gnashing in their futures.

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NoStep_OnSnek 2 years ago

personally I will not by uniting with these shitstain communists. We shouldn't be discussing anything with these parasitic terrorists but separation or WAR

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Armageddon 2 years ago

The Sorry state of the White Race. Brainwashed by Jewish Cancer.

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2 years ago

@Max3: My own family is that way. You can only warn them, and that's all you can do.

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