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steven aponte
Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In Entertainment

clip from "the wild bunch' 1969

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

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Blanch — Troll.
Blutfahne — Second account of fender.
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ellockjack — Troll.
ExposingTheSynogueOfSatan — A kike troll.
face-smasher — Troll.
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Fender — troll, possible fed and comments violent threats.
Filbert Apple Bag — Troll and moron.
Fuk_White_Trash — Second account of life without niggers.
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gmez — Troll.
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Goyim revolution — Anti-Christ and anti-Hitler.
I _OWN_PRIVACY_COINS — Kike troll.
I hate niggers — Most likely is Jim Crenshaw from bitchute
I_hate_DeathToJWO — A nigger pretending to be White.
I’m out — Troll.
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King Virzion The Proud Antisemite — Troll
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8thWonder — Hates Hitler and hates Christ. Troll and possibly a kike.

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