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first shot after akhmed charges and wrestles travis (gun grab)

Published on 23 Feb 2022 / In News & Politics

first shot after akhmed charges and wrestles travis
⁣Amaud Arberry 1st shot slow motion
⁣as anyone can clearly see Travis McMichael was literally AIRBORNE moving backwards from the attack when the first shot was fired from the hip proving that he never raised his shotgun even as he was being rushed by a mentally insane Criminal who tried to grab his firearm

Arberry ATTACKED armed men STANDING THEIR GROUND because he was on probation for theft when he was caught trespassing in the English house and didn't want to go to jail

The forensic gunshot analysis proves that arberry was grabbing the gun of a man that was moving backwards as the first shot was fired

Interesting that in both the Rittenhouse and McMichael case violence was touched off by a mentally ill man trying to grab a weapon from someone that had lots of chances to shoot him before he made the grab

⁣In the slow motion sequence of events you can clearly see the first shot go off well after contact was made

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Allophylian 7 months ago

I'm not way sister - I hate everyone - especially me - but don't mess
with Texas and definitely - don't mess with God! Black people should
hang their heads - NAH just kidding - they're doing fine shooting each
other. Dead Blacks Matter - No I mean - Black Lives Matter - only when
they're dead - to blacks - and the dark -

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AppalachianAmerican 7 months ago

Niggers aren't very good at physics and motion.
If you have your finger on the trigger and the gun is pulled forward away from you...
('nuff said. we're White... we understand the laws of motion.)

-yeah, what happened to the McMichael's and their really pissed me off, too.

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