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Flat Earth Conference

Published on 30 Oct 2021 / In Flat Earth


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NaTiVeNoMaD 12 days ago

Jewz are doing the lying.any questions?

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mikaowx3 1 month ago (edited)

Your suspicion is entirely based on undebatable facts. The flat earth society was formed as sort of an open society to embrace the gullible by it. The dude who established the society was a british mason. Their aim is to conflate the moon landing hoax and other conspiracies with flat earth so they might label anyone a flat earther nutcase who has a genuine approach towards conspiracies like 9/11, etc. Basically it works the same way when jews accuse anyone of being an antisemite right away. It is turning the table on the others.

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bannedforhatespeech 1 month ago

That guy looks a little Jewish to me. Dark curly hair and the nose. Spreading lies about the earth being flat when we know it’s round.

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frogsgottalent 1 month ago

We either do something about them, or these bastards are going to completely destroy us.....

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Sibbeloth 1 month ago

yep, it's the jews who are doing the lying alright.

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