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Reinhold Elstner
Published on 03 Oct 2021 / In Flat Earth

Flat earth video from banned youtube video

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Freedom 2 months ago

Very good information. How would NASA explain this away?

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HereAmI 2 months ago

As I see it, the "rail gun" is a hoax too.
It exists, obviously, but by no means can it hit a target 100 miles away by firing parallel to the earth.
This is because there is a downwards acceleration on every object of approximately 30' per second per second, irrespective of the speed of the projectile.
I think it is alleged that the projectile travels at mach seven, which is 5000 mph approximately, so to travel 100 miles it would take a minute or so, and thus even after the first second, it would already have hit the water above which it is being fired.
Even if the earth were a ball, the equations for a constant curve do not align with the exponential curve which is required for an object falling under the influence of this downwards force, so the only possibility for a rail gun to hit a target 100 miles away would be for it to be angled upwards in the normal way that battleship guns are angled - and this is not what we see with the rail gun installation.

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