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Forbidden History - The Jewish Bolshevik "Revolution"

World War 2 Truth
Published on 23 Jan 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

Excellent documentary by Herve Ryssen, in French with subtitles.

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frogman 9 months ago

Ruskies and jews are bolsheviks

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ytrebiLeurT 10 months ago

The mutilation of the baby penis, so-called "circumcision", traumatized the brains of little Jew babies, they literally went insane, their brains are damaged. The "Messiah" symbolized by the trauma is actually the Mohel, the one who mutilates the little baby's penis and that is why the Jews want "peace" but they just had to stop the mutilation and they would have peace. Any physical damage, ie trauma, must be symbolized because that is how the brain is structured, there is no escape from the trap of symbols unless you stop the mutilation. I am sure that when the jews should reach their sick goal, the baby penis mutilation will not stop because no matter what the jews do their "messiah" (what a mess...) will not come...

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