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Fräulein Got Potential (Re-Upload)

Kunt Orlokstein
Published on 27 Jul 2022 / In White Pill

I tried to change the thumbnail and lost the video somehow.

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Terminator 6 months ago

Finally I smart WHITE WOMAN!

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AryanRooster 6 months ago

Paulina Piotrowska would definitely kick the bitch ape Serena Williams in the monkey pussy at the next olympics.

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Trivium_Supremacy 6 months ago

It's a trap!

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wtvideomem 6 months ago

The most striking thing in the video is not the woman's answer. It is the man's confidence and entitlement with which he asks the woman out. As if he is some kind of manly supermodel. Clown world at its finest...

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NewWorldCircus 6 months ago

Adonis torso???

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JudgementIsComing 6 months ago

Square jaw, manly arms, navel to low and Adam's apple has had surgery but still visible.

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Eckhart 6 months ago

@JudgementIsComing: lol you cant even see the naval lol..that a woman, I can spot them a mile off, thats a woman 100 % defo, a lot of people on youtube say silly things to make real transvestigation look silly, like mike tyson is a woman etc..
trannys are megan fox, sandra bullook,etc..they are hundreds in hollywood, 1st ladies etc..but lets not be silly and say everyone is a tranny, some guy on here was doing that, forgot his name, i kept correcting him and he was like oh yeah...your right..and he ended up being a jew troll.

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JudgementIsComing 6 months ago


Take a closer look. Then call me more names.

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JudgementIsComing 6 months ago

@Eckhart: don't check my page or anything before calling me a jew troll. Fucking idiot.

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JudgementIsComing 6 months ago

@Eckhart: 3 clips in one year? Really? Yeah I see you motherfucker

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