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Published on 19 Jul 2021 / In Politics
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pater409 13 days ago (edited)

This lady is a warrior. Any and every JEW-owned media stooge who appears on TV and has the jaw-dropping audacity to say those who haven't taken the fucking poison in the needle should be held down by two piggies and forcibly given the jab should be hunted down, have their thick fucking head knocked around with a baseball bat, be tortured and hacked to a fucking pulp with a steel-toothed rake, then have their corpse chopped up and fed to wild dogs--just for being a stupid fucking cunt who shot their stupid fucking trap off one too many times. That's what fucking media cock suckers, cunts and faggots deserve. The cock sucker Macron has painted a great big bullseye on his back, and there will come a time he will be screaming in terrible agony and will regret not only having been a fucking globalist cunt, a cock sucker of ball-less JEW dicks and a traitor to his country, but also the very day he was born.

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WhiteNight 13 days ago

this is for france to be or not to be, other countries next

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Lifesabeach 13 days ago (edited)

If they roll over and obey , they are doomed. pretty simple

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