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Freedom of speech 002

Published on 13 Dec 2021 / In Censorship

⁣freedom of speech and suppression by government msm and social media

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davstelin 26 days ago

All religions are cults.....

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boudicaus 1 month ago

I have not spent time on the Talmudic. Are the Talmudic, Khazarian, Ashkenazi Jews all the same more or less? I have not focused on that and can not speak on it. There is a lot on the Khazarian Jews, Khazarian Mafia posted on Freedom Social. Use this link if you go, join. Join Freedom Social Free, Freedom of Speech

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Shock 1 month ago

Welcome to the end of times and to this little corner of truth and trolls. Never to old to fight for your life and never to old to know who your real enemy is.
Ask the Joo and he will tell you straight that Islam is just the broom they use to sweep the West. Just one of their many "brooms". Islam will NOT take over the world, the Talmudic Satanist Jew will. If we're to die better die knowing who your real enemy is. All the best!

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drumbum 1 month ago


What are your views on judaism and zionism?

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