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Freemasons & Banking - Dr William Luther Pierce

Fash Bird
Published on 18 Sep 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

⁣#Worldwar2 #wwii #nationalsocialism #thirdreich #nsdap #jwo #nwo #communismkills #whitegenocide #music #EuropeanPride #Wehrmacht #WorldWar1 #wwi #TreatyofVersailles #jewworldorder #betterdeadthanred #newworldorder #greatestally

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 3 months ago

I want you to understand, I am still at war with the above mentioned organizations.
You need to know this goes much deeper than most can imagine.
The power these people have is a legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction.
It is the collective consciousness itself
We lost
That is a fact
After losing real freedom and given tasks to serve the winners objectives,agendas and ideological goals.
It’s an insulting shame
Trust is Jesus?
Sincerely- I don’t know , I’ve seen many issues that would suggest freind or foe.
Nobody wants to hear my stupid shit , however- you will not be successful if you don’t give 100% to this state, system and globalization religion
The Noahide agendas is approved, it has hundreds of sub sections
7 = hundreds
I did all I could to resist and try to help integrity thru logistics and resources. They ground me to powder in a mill.
I don’t think this can be won
I’ve seen The star of remphan over the baby Jesus in symbolic messages.
Watching how the Canaanite Edomite Herodians Pharisee
Both poor terrorist
And wealthy Marxist oligarchs and capitalist plutocrats
All working with their own integrity and our ignorance …. The topic is about law
Those I just mentioned NEVER GET LEGAL PUNISHMENT,
Adolf Hitler was the closest authentic real knight who fought the dragon
Please understand there is much more subtle things going on , i can’t list or explain.

Yes Germany was right
Not shills
They let them go , to get justification to destroy them
They used same tactics on myself.
I m ruined
No help
Totally broke and out of options
1 no integrity
2 no funding
3 no fruition of past labor
A. All labor is parleyed back into their own system
Energy- labor-currency-cash- production- consumer LAWS
They control where the money goes .
To complex to explain

The point of this worthless rant is this
I watched all the historical facts and what they did
Are doing
Are going to do
It’s totally unacceptable
Suicide is an option at this point
There is no resistance, no rescue no help in the way
Not even in the spirit
Even their (() they)) won
This can’t be fixed
To late
I’ll try to fix a few more old cars and save supplies as usual
However- the living god has made up his mind- we are at odds
I did work 25/7/365 for 32 years resistance to the bank , government and church
I am correct about them
Always was
However- the collectivism
Collective Consciousness is not buying it
They want Jews to rule over them
They will have safe , security, clean and multicultural miscegenation.
They want that
They gave consent
I did not
Power is not the paper or digits
It’s much deeper

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R1Nation 2 months ago

Sorry to hear that don't give up
Seek out other whites nationalists only do business with them they can help you
Live in places that don't have to be far from civilization but occupied by other white nationalists
First blocks then whole communities then towns
Be like a refugee starting from nothing it's a living experience
When we trade self sufficiently with our own we can use our own currency

Business clubs like lodges are very useful
I think businesses should have some kind of symbol known to us so we know which to use maybe a rien near the door

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago


I tried that since the 80s
I never got 1 blessing
For anything
Only extreme setbacks and slander

I had CNG
Natural Gas / oil wells at my disposal
Never could get the bastard to help

I got to the point
That God is on the Jews side
I’ve seen way too much to deny - something is going on
I’ve seen conspiracies- like a conversation going for this topic to football
And get violent when not dropping the issue
To the point - they calll police
Disruptive behavior
Disrupting the peace

They will rather be slaves to Jews than do a fucking thing

But , I tried
Let the Jews have at them
They will be extinct by 2180

Finace Capital for doing what your saying is necessary- because, you are suggesting a full time job
It’s very difficult to find anyone to trust and trade - let alone but real estate
The Jews got real estate jacked up over 110% of its real value
Other land is so far away to travel would cost the same
Actuator do arithmetic to balance this kinda stuff

That CNG natural gas idea I had was really good
God or whoever controls those dreams SHIT ALL OVER THAT

It’s all going on upstairs
This is the monopoly board

No resistance is tolerated in the spirit world above
Everyone and everything is assigned certain tasks that are integrated into the greater hood for the status quo
I’ve even met CLONES!!!
Omg - the clones
They used the same guy on two side of the USA
Same guy
Different body
Same soul inside the body
For real
When he knew / they knew
They said
When last time you had pys ch evaluation!?!?

They put the truck on other side of the road
I am not the only one

TE Lawrence
Died same way

Shot over the bow
They got me
Hold your convictions
They murdered 40 million of our brothers and sisters
Rapes/ murder ,torcher / slander, thefts / lies
They know what they did
They want total obedience
They have arbitrarily power
This ANTI-Christ is REAL
their Jesus is anti christ

Covenant breakers
They look white
But are puppets of the Jews
Why would they deny me loans and education and give 501c3 money?
Why push Noahide law
That show their cards

Our Father seems to have forgotten his check book on the other side of the great gulf?
Their Father has what it takes to get around


We are far behind the learning curve here
1913 should have sparked a civil war in USA
Gold confiscated in33
Crash of 28

What can get through such a stubborn people?

They self policing for the enemy
That is a fact

I’m still trying to figure out how everyone works 14 hours a day for 6 -7 days a week and banks every cent

It’s almost as if it’s a simulation
They don’t
It’s a personal hell in an identical simulation
Each in their own illusion trying to imitate the others
A culture- science term

Esoteric facts
If God wanted things to be good , it would be
Relying on humans is a form of idolatry

The war is above
John and Kimmy this week
Try to take guns and sell for drugs then plant the drugs
I saw their plan
In spirit
For real

Truck on other side
Happened 6 months before in a dream

Nothing I could do could stop that event
I was so upset I almost/ did faint
For real

Alien implants?
I think so
Pretend to be Jesus Christ
Then parley into Noahide
Pretend coverage
Insurance covenant
Don’t trust
Fuck on free mason
Free mason
Drop bombs on our people
He did that in 2 generations
Second Gen American was ready to kill his own for Jews
And did
We still support that financial policy

Smoke pot and wax car and carrot without regard to the circumstances

I get it
But obfuscate them through self sufficient survival integration will take
A lot of Power - money and ENERGY
- tired I a killer
No allowed tired

TV show in brain
Hollywood jew media
Direct TV
Inside joke
H a. ha
Ich hast dreise shiest 🤑

The money only has value we allow it
Investors from a more powerful and influential realm maintain control here so they can get their dividends in the future There!!!!!!!

Ya - it’s truth
The official narrative is more important than truth

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R1Nation 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: The muslims they use social housing they make sure they monopolize certain areas. You won't need to buy real estate.
Even if you lose everything you can still be useful
It's better we exploit these public services than the enemy
It will push them out

Their excuse for quotas in education is that it has always been overwhelmingly white
They ignore the situation of the individual
They need Chinese money
China sets the exchange rate not by the market but by government mandate
They have only used it to exploit the common individual and not the banking system so everyone is happy

I managed to save 50% of what I Earn the only time off I get is when I quit and move between jobs
I live a very Austere Life but I cannot imagine spending all of my money in that situation it will be impossible to live with nothing saved
I have tried it before and everything fell to pieces
I couldn't afford to drive I couldn't even afford to advertise the car for sale

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R1Nation 2 months ago

@R1Nation: *rune

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

I know
This constant work for nothing don’t think anything good can ever happen even if I continue.
The CNG idea failed
The truck wash failed
The garage failed
The truck 🛻 failed
I can only do so much
The third level always fails
Others will pass me out
But fines don’t
They pile up

The rent and expenses rise across the board unilaterally

Can’t be

I need
A $6 million dollars diversified investment portfolio in Blackrock investment strategies
And gain 6%
Yield $6000 a quarter
Borrow against the annuities for land and gas wells

It’s not crazy
I’ve seen others do this
The devil is in the details
The devil is also real
How did truck get on other side
Same way I did
Germany was Right

Now they want my unconditional support for free masons/ Jewish agenda

One thing I learned
There is a fake Jesus
They will tell you follow Jesus
But this is a fake Jesus that is not biblically congruent with his message

I believe then to be Canaanite Edomite Herodians Pharisee
That sub contract to Goyim thru free masons

I’m not making excuses
I’m telling you how it is
They are not going to allow any opportunities nor assistance to exist

That is why I am here

There is no Google ask
As they own that too

They have excuses, not me

Dead in the water
They always one step ahead
I’ve seen this
It’s not bullshit

When they work on a set up
It gets intense
Hurry hurry hurry
Then 1 slight mistake in a sub detail and the full weight of sin comes down through fate

I need real money
Real opportunity
No more sign in log on scam
Wait and save and give
No more

Fuckin Heros
Herodians more like it
For real

I gotta fix a fuel leak and put brakes on my truck

If you have any phone numbers for land - preferably with natural gas deposits and funding
I’ll check it out

However- everything I see is $50,000 down and $2500 a month
They are killing me
Indirectly thru work and cost of living

I don’t think the real god exists
Only there fake deity - as they get off on watching the repentance and submissive behavior
They do
Oh please- obey

Come on I watched 4 different scams by Israeli Jews this week
60 billion dollars at summed up

China haa a Heros Program
Chinese cops will soon assist in keeping order

Just end it allready

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R1Nation 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: What can I say have you tried start page it's a search engine?
Only one soros and CO don't control
There are like 10 of these guys in charge and for some reason everyone goes for FBI buildings

I'm not in the gas industry however shale gas is big these days
Blackpool UK is largely not hit yet

It says in the book He will hand over sovereignty of the Earth to the anti Christ for a limited time
I hope we are not there yet

It certainly is Antichrist time however it says he will make peace with the elect I wonder where he will put them a place in the North?

If you do anything remember to save yourself

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Your thoughts are congruent with my own about these topics.
Thanks for the confirmation.
Anti christ
They most certainly have a fake Jesus
Most Christian’s are literally praying for their own destruction.

Capping wells to “ save planet “
Israeli flags in church next to the cross

Even free masons endorsement of Noahide laws
I’ve seen all this

I get oil and gas news letters
Oil and gas is everywhere
The nwo is exploring and capping making them off limits
Then - they put up windmills over the wells - tell the next generation that the wind made the electricity
It’s a lie

Countries like Iran are targeted for destruction because they don’t have kosher tax on food and don’t cap their new wells
Subliminal messages from suble dreams are working on the subconscious thoughts
I seen this

How ?
Nobody believe? Or everyone scared to talk about it?

My point is
American Christians killed German Christian
In a most vicious way then lied for essentially a jew objective.

Again- they aren’t really Judah
I think the real Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler have a lot in common

The anti christ is definitely here
That’s when my truck was put on other side
I believe he knows I know that isn’t Jesus Christ
That is anti christ
What a sweet deal
Nobody will ever figure it out!!’n
Nor accept the consequences of going to the other side- rejecting the anti Christ is NASTY SHIT.

Gott Mit Uns
Is not a question 🙋‍♂️

Research Germany deeply and you’ll find That their thoughts are closer to Christ
Maybe they don’t preach it
They live it

Energy contracts all going to isreal to Russia
The petrodollar will be changed to crypto ruble

The hydrocarbons changed to electrick
The credit scores will use electricity bill to build credit

See how they work?

They push these ideas in the subconscious mind
And reinforce in movies , ads and news

It’s very intrusive and not of Christ

Yes the anti christ is here

The garden of Eden
Family trees
Not trees
Serpent seed
Another family crest

Hitler was Right and probably much more so than he knew

Eisenhower killing fields of the Rhine river valley
Prove - the allied forces where doing something more than just monetary domination.

There is something to do with bloodline

Jesus Christ- true Heir
Heir- Ian ?
Killed by others who took the covenant thru Solomon
Star of remphan/ molech
Solomon wives where Canaanite Edomite
It’s true
All cohen / Levi are rabbinical law - related to Pharisee

All world leaders claim bloodline related to king Herod bloodline
Canaanite Edomite defacto

More than bullshit

So maybe you can see what I’m up against here

They know / I know

It’s gets Sehrn Interstat

Our own peoples ignorance gives them power
If they only knew
Some do and sell out
Seeking to sell out
I’ve seen this to

Where real Jesus

Odd you said
Hand over sovereignty of earth…. Very odd
That’s is the covenant power between God and Issac !!!!!
For real

The one and only legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction over earth

Coin currency
Declare War
Issue national charters
Lic corporations

All nations subscribe to this or are rouge nations
Rouge nation- or rouge RACE?
Nation is Race

Sorry long comment
Important facts
I’m trying to establish a foundation

You can guess what I think of Cromwell
That was the fall of the west
I don’t think Rome ever was as influential as they say
I believe real British built England
Not Romans

The architecture is distinctive and reflects the English character.
That old stuff is purely Northern European

Why people let that official narrative steal their heritage only makes me more angry.

Yes- hygrocarbon production is an essential part of self determination and sovereignty
The Bible always uses oil as as a symbol for good or blessing

The nwo - bad

Definitely worth trying to learn about
Natural gas deposits in my local area have been capped
Clean and vast resources available
But currency manipulation will make them unacceptable
Our own people will be the personal and authority that prevents me from obtaining this resource.

Imagine that shit
My own race will enforce laws to give the mamsers and traitors power of all kinds

I’m watching Alien movies
In between these German files and documents

Shit makes me furious
The stupidity on our allied part is beyond ignorance into treason
Fuckin Soviet gulag Marxism- we are played for fools following anti christ
You bet that system is here

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R1Nation 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: Nations go to war for their interests not ideology
Resources have more value if they are limited
Diamonds are also everywhere anywhere you find carbon the only reason it has any value is because of artificial scarcity
It's in their interests to control the world because people are starting to figure out the biggest lie ever told
They have moved into positions of power in every country in the world the black nobility and their Jewish cousins
They have always wanted to revenge

Aliens if it bleeds we can kill it and clearly they need control of the Earth before they can invade
We defeat them before they get here every can defeat (((them))

You seem more moralized than before this is good
Despair is useless

Global nationalism simultaneous efforts
Spontaneous Coordiated Unstoppable
Reprisal likely however no worse than what they will do anyway

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R1Nation 2 months ago

@R1Nation: >to revenge
*to get revenge

>every can defeat
*if we can defeat

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Eusa is getting revenge upon Jacob

What this has to do with white Northern European -? I don’t know
Maybe new boss same as old ?
Maybe there is something better
However- this covenant is real and bases of all law

Who controls it ?

I don’t reject that - I reject who is controlling it now

Destroying Germany for Marxism was definitely a RED FLAG.

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R1Nation 3 months ago

Extremely naive of Pierce
They control the money supply
Every large public company relies on a daily supply of credit
With this they buy their own shares every day increasing the price
Day traders follow and then they sell their shares
Wiping out the day traders and making a profit with enough to pay back the original loan every single day
It needs to be a Central Bank because the interest has to be low and it has to be only available to a small group
It also has to offer enormous capital larger than any individual private lender can offer
This is called the cantillion effect

All large companies are financed this way and controlled by them through the regulation needed to access credit
We have seen how they can close bank accounts if your Opinions do not align

Everyone in the industry knows this everyone signs the same agreement

It's not possible to take back the media in this situation

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 3 months ago

- borrow money at 1%
Diversified investment portfolio
Market speculation
Drive up prices thru competition and hedge funds/ annuity funds and short the market
Transfer the % thru taxes and inflation

Why you think they always wait for Fed to lower rates?

But the real power that gives them authority
Coin currency
Declare war
Issue national charters
Lic corporations
Much more esoteric and occultic than just MONEY.

Money is the symptom
1 real legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction

The collectivism is the collective responsibility
At some level REAL POWER IS HERE AND WE WATCH THEM FIGHT- terrorism , party debates and insider trading
Are all effects

The cause is much deeper

I believe the Covenant of Jacob is that only one legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction

Either way Jews have that and coop empires to enforce their laws with mercenaries who accept
Paper fiat
Digital currency
And honor their masters for agendas that are counterintuitive

Wait- hold on
We say this as if righteousness is abounding from an omnipresent GOD

I tested this hypothesis
The objectives and goal are the force of REAL POWER
WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN - are all inconsequential

As Do you Believe in something
Like the bill of rights- that no longer exists

The end justifies the means

The Jews know the end
They control the world , they fought for it and their crimes are forgiven- erased and forgotten
We support them now by using their money

The money is only a tool or part of the system

Yea they will control the world - prepare the way for the lord
Not my Lord

Omg- it’s like - musical chairs for souls and bodies

As if they where leaders before in another culture- lab experiments

Think of them as the owners of a laboratory
The product is the goal
Who owns the lab doesn’t matter as long as the desired product is achieved

The collective agreement
I didn’t agree
I did throw it back
Free masons/ Noahide was involved

They can manifest law to make stone pebbles have monetary value

The end result
It’s so bad
Currency exchange rates
And insider trading
All let go
Because- I believe god is on their side
The money is for the individual responsibility

It’s not The Authority
That is arbitrary

Sorry for bothering you
Long comment
However- this situation is intolerable

Yes - we are slaves
Make no mistake

Free masons
Acceptable/ who ?
Them and their god

Molech- star of remphan
Canaanite Edomite Herodians Pharisee
Noahide is coming
70 nations
Electric bill and credit scores!!!
Get it
They control not only the money - how you spend it

You don’t obey - die
For real
Credit scores and survival


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R1Nation 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: I think they'd like to be called social capitalists
A parallel economy is possible but it takes organization and we have to be open with each other not to organize military operations Just everyday stuff
Because of the dynamics of the free market this will happen many multiple times faster than a planned economy

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

I agree
But the consensus of what I call normies is far from accepting and further from joining any alternative monetary exchange policies
Any attempt will be immediately infuriated and demonized by the status quo of free masonry.
Free masons are a very large part of the problem.
Their Noahide Jesus and financial support from the Jews is probably impossible to break at this point and I don’t see any hope for the future.

They tell me it’s an issue of opinion- not worth a second’s thought.

I’m trying to say - this is much deeper
Subliminal or suble dreams are what gives authenticity to the so called legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction that charters these type of organizations.
They are so integrated to effect one - effects all , like chain reaction
No effort in any direction for any reason will be tolerated.

Only REAL POWER , power to force investment strategies our way

I don’t know what that will take
The global economy is too big / hopefully it will fall under its own weight
Being prepared for that opportunity may offer sovereign benefits?

Word salad 🥗

I’m working on extortion and pressure thru violent means myself- it seems to be how the system really works
They will not be happy until I cut one of them up with a jigsaw and send the parts to there Cohen coherents

Isreal gets 33 Billion from USA taxpayers this year
I get fines for working 70 hrs wk

33 - interesting arbitrary number
Tells you who is in control
Who pays and who gets

I’m sure they will send more immigration and inflation to help me get more motivated

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R1Nation 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: I have never seen single acts as effective as organizing
They can use it against us they are waiting for some kind of reaction
They have prepared to mark any one without a rainbow flag a white supremacist terrorist
The muslims don't need much motivation to go after them they just lack any real direction, Let the coolies do the dirty work

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

I Muslim haven’t given me any shit In northeast pa
Who knows what group think can do

I get more shit from my own people
Self policing for the JWO

Jews / Muslims and fags haven’t caused near as much fucking bullshit as my own friends , family neighbors and police- banks and other structures

They must want to serve the nwo jwo
It’s the only conclusion
Dream - Noahide Jesus and free masons stuff seems to be subliminally setting the tone for them
Investors and career opportunities and related

I’m totally fucked here
No way to fix
What a world of shit

I hope they all kill each other and leave the stuff
Only way

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R1Nation 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: our own people are the ones who have been indoctrinated from birth

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Total demoralization

I’m 3 hours late in a 20 hr drive -
-appointment 5 am
I got here at 8 because of traffic and HOS
I Gotta wait now 2 days to unload a 20 min job

They have built in with integrity a system to make us not cooperate and serve a hard schedule .
If I get delayed by them as last week - it’s a different story
Suck it up

I’ve also noticed how anyone who thinks in idiosyncratic or cooperating in self sufficient or autodidact ways is immediately put back on the
Build credit score program or is total decimated.

These are facts
Not whining

Trivial pursuit is not a game
It’s how we live our lives

Very trivial

Zum bliespiel:

I’ve watched $ million dollar grants given to many - mostly foreigners

I’m trying to get $6 million dollars
Put into a
Diversified investment portfolio
And annuities with puut options
To borrow against
An education in
Hygrocarbon/ chemical engineering and geo engineering/ machine engineering
They say this is ridiculous and impossible
When I know it very possible and easy

I could do all the arrangements In 2 days

The reason why it can’t work is because our own people are self policing for the NWO JWO

them and their Noahide Jesus

I believe the real Judah: Israel went down like Germany- same tactics and same bloodline took them both down the same way

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R1Nation 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: Interesting take on Israel at very likely, The Kingdom of.
Bloodlines are haplogroups, The black nobility which is all of European realty is T
Highest concentration is the caspian lowlands former kazaria
J is Jew, This can include arabs however a lot of figures have been fiddled
Ancient Canaan also most likely j or t
Likely traveled to the region in prehistory from the Caspian haven't confirmed this

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Yes - I’m saying their father cannot be my father - as Jesus Christ said
Father means genetic origin.

No - I don’t think Hitler was a shill sent to kill the Germans

I think the czar in Russia 1780- 1917
Was being attacked continuously by many tactics

I think it was King Edward was the last real king in England
Before Cromwell
Because of the decisions made after him where illogical and used the British like cannon fodder

I think
T E Lawrence
Had it figured out on way to visit
Mosley and was murdered.

T E Lawrence was sincere and brilliant
They couldn’t let him live

The antichrist will support Noahide laws
70 nation
3rd temple

Free masons do this

Education Day
Kosher Tax
Chabab lubavich
Bini barith


How could anyone possibly get around these and hundreds of other committees that shape the opinions of the consensus?

Even if I’m correct
What good does it do

They are very organized
Curriculum to media
Credit scores to careers

I see no way to obtain funds or sovereignty

If I’m correct about The Fake Jesus
Does a real Jesus exist at all ?
Is it all bullshit ?

I’m going on the premise that Germany/ Adolf was sincere and really fighting for the real Christ without pontificating about it, that seems classy and how it would be

Perhaps it’s an exclusive opportunity that one must prove their faith before joining?

Star of David is star of remphan
I saw them put that star over baby Jesus
In a dream
I removed it
And they put another
They got very mad each time I did this

The star of remphan is Canaanite/ molech
Nothing to do with David or Judah

I can definitely sympathize with Judah if she fell like Germany
I get it

Problem #2
Noah - 3 sons

Non are Northern European by the official narrative

Bible is either Holy word or changed
If changed it’s not Holy
If Holy then this Shem , Ham and Japheth thing is an issue

Because- someone had to be Amelech

Bible could be an amalgamation of folk lore , Greek mythology and Persian fables
Greek mythology has a lot of similarities
I don’t know

Something is going on
Money has everything to do with it
Authority and money
As the authority will prevent money from being made and authority will kill those without it

Have no money= death
It’s almost a religion in its own territory

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milhouse 5 months ago

Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve

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