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French-Jewish Holohoax Revisionist: Holohoax Wasn't Mentioned Until Convenient Time in Israel's History

Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2


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Fabi Vel el Ser Integral

Prof. Robert Faurisson was an amazing man.

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nimblehorse 30 days ago


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Lawi 30 days ago

1775 - The word Jew invented
1860 - Jews begin to referring to themselves as the ancient Israelite's and Hebrews
1869 - Jew promote Six Million and Holocaust printed in Newspaper
1870 - the Jew National Socialist Zionists merged with the Frankist Zionists
1879 - Jews Invent the phrase anti-Semitic
1921 - Jews beg America to save Six Million Jews from Russia (Jews are the communist Bolsheviks in Russia), New York City flooded with Jews
1933 - "Judea Declares War on Germany"
1939 - Hollywood to be first to use the word "Nazi" in the movie - "Confessions of a NAZI Spy"
1946 - Jews collect money from the German Government for "Nazi genocide of European Jews"
1947 - Many European Nations intact criminal Laws (hate speech) to ban "Holocaust denial", Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania

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pater409 30 days ago

Fuck the Holohoax and all the hook-nosed, palm-rubbing, pathologically lying JEW cowards and fags who push it and extort countries and people as result of its gargantuan lie. One day soon the lie of the Holohoax will blow up in the lying, gutless JEW cock sucker's face, and there's nothing he can do to prevent that, so he'll just have to choke on it.

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