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French woman runs topless into Trump's motorcade. I don't remember seeing this on the news.

Published on 10 Aug 2021 / In Video Vault

Crazy but kinda cool.

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hombre80 5 months ago


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eric_blood 9 months ago

Are their Titcuffs? LOL It's an insane world!

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John Ssaw
John Ssaw 1 year ago

"Monsieur Trump, je veux avoir ton bebe! Je veux avoir ton bebe!"

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ShortieLeeroy 1 year ago

Dam! They put hands on a woman.Agree with Spectralwulf for sure.

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Spectralwulf 1 year ago

What was the point of that? Why do these FEMEN witches think showing off their tits gives them some kind of political clout? It's an absolutely stupid form of protest and only reveals them to be dumb bimbos. It's not even her own President so WTF? What for? It could just be the obvious - they're insane.

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underrepresented 1 year ago

Clown world was the point, I suppose. If it was a white couple with 5 kids that went to the motorcade with their Sunday clothes on, probably would have been charged with terrorism.

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