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Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

Published on 01 Feb 2022 / In 911

⁣On September 11th 2001, a group of foreigners who worked for a front company in new Jersey were witnessed celebrating the attacks on the Word trade Centers. They flicked lighters, posed for pictures, gave each other hugs and high fives. No they were not Muslim terrorist or Arabs. They were Jewish and they were all Israeli. They worked for a moving company which turned out to be one of a series of Israeli moving companies with ties to the September 11th attacks. The 5 men arrested on 9/11 while still driving the moving company van seen with them as at least three of them were jumping around celebrating the first plane hitting the North Tower, have come to be known as “the dancing Israelis.” One of the first journalist to real push this story was Justin Raimondo of who passed away in June of 2019. He wrote a book about the event.;O=A

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Anthony Lawson RIP

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are they jews ?

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