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Fuck Green WEF

Published on 13 Oct 2021 / In Cars & Vehicles

agenda 21 is almost here elcetrix autonumis cars eneryg limits and lots more SHIT
35 years wasted trying to outrrun jews aliens and envirementaist agendas

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Messerschmit2 10 days ago

I’ve been desperately trying to create an oil well and refinery , I have cog alcohol and gassers . I need fuel
Next week I am suing Rothschild/ BLACKROCK investment strategies and their affiliates for demoralizing me , national debt and the damages occurred to my peace of mind and financial losses to to their ideological agenda and using corporations as both vehicle and excuses for a Talmudic law global system.
I will be seeing the Jew for 6 million dollars for 911 & Covid lies and using the money to build a diverse investment portfolio should generally generate 60, 000 each quarter dividend.
Fuck you jews , I need money to escape your ideology and I’m not joking.
I’ll require legal exemption and will be treating your BWO NEW GREEN DEAL , Covid vax and other issues as I treat your religious beliefs, laws and feasting.... ignore , stay far away and stay in a jurisdiction that best serves me .
So I will need an oil well with refinery

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