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Gavin McInnes arrested by FBI live during show

Published on 26 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

What we know so far ⁣https://valiantnews.com/2022/0....8/video-police-enter
I'm sure it has to do with Jan 6.
He's very pro Israel but still shitty.

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tomtruther 3 months ago

if this is real it is still fake.

It's clear they are aresting their own shills to discourage others from speaking up. Gavin mcginnis's far from a right wing conservative. Co-founder of vice. His wife and child aren't even white.

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george stachura
george stachura 3 months ago

kill the fbi now.next time they fuck with me there getting their heads blown off.

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Hatbox 3 months ago


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Joseph 3 months ago

So this P.O.S. is pro israel AND anti communist? Talk about cognitive dissonance! Judaism IS communism as well as capitalism! This P.O.S. is an enemy of Logos. https://justice4poland.com/201....9/06/23/communism-is

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Joseph 3 months ago

"He's very pro Israel but still shitty."? So you're an enemy too? Death to "the jew"! You know its coming. We are waking and filling with a terrible resolve. Soon you're going to experience US! The Men who just wanted to be left alone! May we meet during the hunt for all of you.

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