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Former Red Army General Andrey Vlasov Speaks Before Hitler's Generals [English Hardsub]

Published on 29 Jun 2021 / In History

Andrey Andreyevich Vlasov or Wlassow (September 14, 1901 – August 2, 1946) was a Russian Red Army general who headed ⁣the Russian Liberation Army—known as ROA (from Russkaya Osvoboditel'naya Armiya).

⁣After Vlasov's army was surrounded, he himself was offered an escape by aeroplane. The general refused and hid in German-occupied territory; ten days later, on July 12, 1942, a local farmer exposed him to the Germans. Vlasov's opponent and captor, German general Georg Lindemann, interrogated him about the surrounding of his army and details of battles, then had Vlasov imprisoned in occupied Vinnytsia.Vlasov claimed that during his ten days in hiding he affirmed his anti-bolshevism, believing Stalin was the greatest enemy of the Russian people, and there is evidence that suggests Vlasov may have changed sides in a bid to give his countrymen a better life than the one they had under Stalin.

⁣Adolf Hitler was very wary of Vlasov and his intentions. On April 3, 1943, Hitler made clear in a speech to his high command that such an army would never be created, then issued directives to dismantle any such efforts and to sequester all of Vlasov's supporters in the German army. He worried that Vlasov might succeed in overthrowing Stalin, which would halt Hitler's dreams of expanding Greater Germany to the Urals.

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