George Carlin was one of them

Chaplain Bob Walker
Published on 13 Sep 2022 / In Comedy

Carlin happy whites will soon be gone.

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TruthWarrior 19 days ago

illuminatti Crypto-Jew agent for sure. His job was to brainwash whites with Anti-Christian and Anti-White Rhetoric! Jews use their media weapons to push Anti-Christian and Anti-White agenda using comedy. Another good example is Sit-coms, remember Archie Bunker (Jew Carroll O'Connor), He played the racist white man to make White race look bad. His son Meathead made white people look like dumb hicks.

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Lego 1 month ago

Never heard of this guy, but not surprised at what he speaks.

Day of the rope is coming you slimy traitor mason...

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IsraelIsChristian2 2 months ago

I always knew this guy was a kike pretending to be someone else so it wasnt so obvious he was manipulating people

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Ogre 2 months ago

I heard it from the horse´s own ass but....Biographies claim both parents as irish and he looks right to me. He fooled me. How and when did you pin him ?

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frogsgottalent 3 months ago

So, a week to go until the end of theJews SHEMITTAHyear ( 7thSeptember2021-25thSeptember2022). See if they pull off another ' party trick ' as they do each seven years, to top off another year of extra bounty* for theSynagogue of Satan.... ( * just two operations are theirCV19 sterilization / extermination program and Ukraine for lsrahell 2.0)

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NewWorldCircus 3 months ago

............ I hate this world

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