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George Lincoln Rockwell - A Retrospective (2004)

Published on 10 Oct 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

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⁣A documentary produced and edited by James Mason from archived footage in 2004. Similar materials are available at the 'James Mason Videos' channel on Bitchute:

James Mason's Foreword

The strategy behind this production was very simple indeed: Put into use every scrap of sound film footage of Commander Rockwell as I could lay my hands on... By hook or by crook. That was of course everything apart from that footage previously used in the "Rockwell For Governor" documentary. One learned quickly that all of the material of this sort which involved Commander Rockwell was of exceptionally short duration.

I believe the reason for this is quite obvious; The Commander was too attractive and his message was too cogent for the media masters, then and now, to grant him any real media attention. The reason being that the White populace, those with any healthy instinct left to them, might respond to his call. Any Black agitator, any queer, commie or freak that could call or drip slime, this could be presented before the American people in the media as something "legitimate" but George Lincoln Rockwell, no.

My inspiration for this project? That very same amateur production I referred to in the notes for "Rockwell For Governor" which was entitled "Lincoln Rockwell; An NS Pioneer". Once more, I knew positively that I could do no worse and indeed thought to do significantly better. The goal? To create something that one might show to new people without reluctance. The film clips span the time frame from 1960 through to 1966, about the time of Commander Rockwell's leadership of The Party.

I must here again thank my old friend and comrade, Rick Cooper, for supplying that one from 1966 at the time of the Chicago march. But all of them, run end to end, would amount to only a mere blip on the screen. There's have to be "filler" and a lot of it.

That filler would have to come from my own archives, naturally. Stills, documents, soundbites, etc. Of course I borrowed from the LP record album, "Nazi Rockwell", for most of the voice. I'm proud of the exclusive contributions of my own such as the "Look" magazine coverage of the 1958 Atlanta bombings and the 1959 Drew Pearson radio blurb.

An amateur production in itself? You bet. The best one going to date and it shall remain the best, I'm quite certain, until that time when we can get our hands on the same kind of professionalism and image making capability as is now solely enjoyed by the enemy of our people. It tells a story well and in a respectable fashion.

About The Production

This one was unique in that it amounted to a myriad of small bits and pieces that had to be woven together and be built up into a ninety-minute feature which told a coherent tale. It was ambitious to say the least. Once more I was relying on the skills, the patience and devotion of Lycea Musgrave, together with her access to the facilities at Denver Community Television to make it happen. It was a challenge. It was painstaking. It was heartbreaking at times.

The technical setbacks we suffered along the way began to, as one DCTV staffer commented at the time, "look silly". Yet the amateur "producers" there were left practically on their own to either sink or swim. Patience and determination brought it through, however.

Rockwell himself would appreciate this one: All the extra material used to fill out the program was gathered up by me on video tape atop my bedroom dresser using an outmoded camcorder attached to a tripod.

This ton of material was taken from my files more or less alphabetically and not necessarily chronologically. This meant one hell of a back and forth search as it came time to introduce each bit into the story.

All of my prerecorded narrative was at one point lost through the hit of a wrong button and had to be recreated.

⁣I'm proud of the fact that not only did I re-record all of it, I made myself learn enough of the system to re-enter it into the computer, all edited, numbered and ready to go so as to avoid further hideous delays. I was saying adieu to a girlfriend of the time who worked at a bank in downtown Denver that I made the comment, "if you think you hear rolling thunder outside, it's just me at the studio screaming vile obscenities."

I suppose this would place the time during the summer of 2004. Anyway, such had become my expectation of events by that time.

My own grim determination plus Lycea's pure devotion saw the thing through to completion at last. This one never aired over DCTV, however. Reason being some sort of garbage involving proper markers at the start and finish. Too bad, perhaps. Of course the real object was achieved in that a document now stood with which to introduce new generations to the legend of George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party.

James Mason, Denver Colorado, June 2011

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