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Germany under Nationalism, then after the war under democracy

Published on 13 Dec 2022 / In History

Before and after... from a holy reich to the devil's playground.

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questeritorte 3 months ago

Heil Hitler!

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Derby 3 months ago

I prefer national Socialist democracy over the jewelry/Jewish democracy.

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Sieg Heil
Sieg Heil 3 months ago

democracy is just a term to disguise the jewish occupation. it is a jewish occupation of their western host nations, germany was merely the last one they had to occupy. democracy is the rule of currency, ergo the rule of the tribe who prints and forcefully distributes it to his slave nations.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 3 months ago

agreed, or if you have a true democracy involving the people you have mob rules. both are poison.

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