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Get a vaccine and get the 'Rhythm of Life' - NHS

Published on 09 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Remember that the government's methods of applied psychology almost always seek to make you feel like you're an extreme outlier and one of just a few oddballs.

Yet this latest NHS propaganda stunt can't even get a positive vote ratio with all the slebs shilling it for them.

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ShortieLeeroy 2 months ago

The nhs don´t like me because i won´t take the vax.That´s okay because they are full of shit..the nhs and the vax that is.

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HereAmI 2 months ago

I made the mistake of expecting them to tell the truth - after the "tingle in your fingers and toes" comes the facial hemiparesis called "Bell's Palsy."
To call this utterly nauseating and despicable would be putting it mildly.
The level of ignorance and yet hubris combined is off the charts.
"Whom the gods seek to destroy, they first make mad."
Many there are upon the broad and downhill path that leads to destruction.
We never thought we'd see it actually playing out - but here it is.

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Zenith26 2 months ago

Does anyone else get a gut twisting rage at this blatant goy tax funded Kike propaganda shit and the "celebrity" filth pushing it for money, or is it just me? I mean REAL rage.

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Wicked01 2 months ago

C’mon if you survive you earn frequent fly buys points for immortality 👊

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NewWorldEbola 3 months ago

black apes need a lead vaccine to cure their AIDS

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Wicked01 2 months ago

Aids came from a vax !

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