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get rid of niggers

Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In Niggers

get rid of niggers

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Zenith26 2 days ago (edited)

"...everyone on the planet comes from Africa so all people are the same"
Some Kike financed Anthropologists, about 130 years ago, about the same time as The Protocols.

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AryanRooster 6 days ago


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Calvin_Branson 7 days ago

Every time I see a boatload of niggers, I always think: "Why can't that boat go to the bottom?"

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george_stachura 7 days ago

the nigger species must be exterminated to save the human race.

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XOTFAJ100 7 days ago

niggers are the #1 genocidal rape weapon / war machine aka planet of the spear chukin apes , used by their fake ass jew kingpins , to cull the entire global population of White's. niggers are the most dangerous and destructive land predator on earth and are driven by 100% primitive instinct. niggers don't have a brain , only an enlarged brain stem. niggers ae genetic apes by nature - instinct and DNA. niggers don't have human hair . The grunge on their carcass and skull has no follicle or blood supply. Expert geneticists knew :{ 100 yrs. ago }: that the grunge on ape ass skull and carcass are identical to : ""INSECT BRISTLES"". This is why niggers wear those plastic elastic hats on their ape ass skull . They smear funken stunken grease on their insect bristles to keep them from breaking off / falling out. niggers will never scratch their itches , instead they will smack their skulls repeatedly and hard , when they have an itch , to prevent their insect bristles from falling out. This is basic nigger fact 101.

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