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Gook Bitch Calls For White Genocide By Race Mixing With White Men.

Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

⁣Gook Bitch Calls For White Genocide By Race Mixing With White Men.

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Fearless 1 day ago

Bug with a kike brain

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1_1_1 3 days ago

I'd hit it. Heil Hitler!

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NewWorldCircus 4 days ago

Hang her

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jimmyhugo 4 days ago

american gooks are sneaky copycats who overdose Crackers on fentanyl. their parents came here to get away from communist tyranny yet they promote the same here. gooks suck blm ass and then cry when they get smacked around.

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TheDemonKing 4 days ago

and this kinda shit is why I have a video clearly stating,I will only accept white men!
This kinda shit is why I say there will be no race mixing allowed until this war is over and everyone submits to us. And then one day a maximum of 5% of the population can be issued licenses to do so,tortured to death publicly if they violate that rule.
Sex has become a weapon being used to commit genocide against our race. So we must fight back against that weapon by taking our women away from any cucked men who aren't on our side,or any non white men who we will just either kill or enslave.
All slaves will have their genitals cut off. They can't fuck our women if they don't have a dick and balls.
I didn't determine the terms of this conflict. But I will use the best methods to fight against it,that means chopping off black and brown and yellow marxist dicks and balls.
They think that since the only effective methods to fight back against sexual warfare are violent and brutal and "evil" that we will never inact those solutions.
They are very wrong. I believe it is the outcome which matters,and that is where the true benefit{good} comes from. If I have to brutally enslave and mutilate and publicly torture and burn them to death in order to prevent the genocide of my people I will do so.
If I have to take all their little children and babies away from them to prevent them from indoctrinating them with this psychotic genocidal marxist horse shit I will do that.
Personally I'm not genocidal,but like I said in my last video....if they will not give up if they will not surrender and all of their children just won't stop hating us because nature made them that way and we cannot change it....then I will eventually kill every single one of them until the last one is dead!
At that point I will have done everything in my power to avoid committing genocide against them,and it will have been their own fault all of them are permanently dead forever. And I won't lose any sleep over it because it was their decision to mindlessly fight against us and never surrender until every last one of them was dead!
We've reached the point where it's these marxist non whites own fucking fault we're gonna kill billions of them! Like the british fighting the zulu I don't fucking care if we're outnumbered 10,000 to 1 we will still kill them all because we are superior to them.
They could've just shut the fuck up and left us alone....but now there's no future for us except war. And these non whites are so retarded they don't realize we've been kicking their asses for thousands of years and we're gonna kick their asses again!
only this time we're gonna fucking demand all of them surrender forever and we're gonna take all of their children away from them. They resist they fucking die
This is a fucking war,there is no room for mercy or weakness let's show them what all of us pissed off white barbarians can do! let's tap into the power of the old gods and slaughter them!
I'm not racist,but these other races have to be dealt with we have to brutally kill them and film it and put it online. so they can all watch us torturing them to death and lighting them on fire and pulling the babies out of their arms before we light the pregnant mother on fire
No mercy no weakness no quarter,they would never give us quarter never show us mercy! Let's fill these rivers of blood and drink our beer from their skulls!

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