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GothamChess aka. Levy Rozman Satanic signs compilation

Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In Satanism / Occult

⁣The popular Chess-Jew is telling his audience not to listen to the critics and do the right thing namely getting the vaccine. This is how they get you. Through seemingly unrealted entertainment containing influencing material and information.

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Kampy 2 years ago

He's obviously part of the club as well.

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Freethinking_Vladimir 2 years ago

I'm always surprised people can stand watching at this ugly Jew face. He is hideous.

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dino 2 years ago

I used to watch some of his videos and I thought he was pretty good, even though I already knew that he was probably a luciferian jew. But when I heard him push the corona narrative I immediately stopped wathcing him. The same goes for Lex Veldhuis, who is a poker streamer, even though recently I have watched some of his vids again. It's just inescapable these days. These people get paid to push the narrative and probably they don't care about the truth. But I agree that this Rozman dude probably knows very well what is going on, so he is just evil.
The thing about chess is that it is the ultimate game of duality and kabbalistic ideas of knowledge and cunning. The chess world is rife with freemasonry and judaism. I love the game of chess, but there is a very dark underbelly to it.

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