Published on 06 Feb 2023 / In Satanic Music Industry

⁣We are living through the age of the antechrist

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Spectralwulf 1 month ago

Can we all now clearly see how liberalism when unchecked devolves into a bloody, flaming, satanic orgy? These demoniac are becoming brazen and showing what they really are and no longer have fear of religious moral outrage. It won't be long before kids are saying "fuck" on pedo-run children's shows, women cheating on their men will be celebrated, vandalizing churches will become "youthful hijinks" and the Church of Satan will demand statues, monuments, and after-school programs in every town. The minions of evil are now willing to dare anything and be as depraved as their twisted imagination can conceive. We need a King ASAP.

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Scoops 1 month ago

Dumb and cringey. Jews like to reuse their scripted dumb 2002 "The Ring" long hair, well girl in everything. It's played out. The scary music sampling is another recycle. They are bankrupt and talentless. At least the Satanists of the past conjured up demons who cared to inspire better music. lol

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jimmyhugo 1 month ago

Yahoo!’s when ppl started watching television. The year 1938 came up. Wikipedia article has dark blue for countries watching tv 1939 and before. Germany is one of those countries along with America. Haven’t made any insightful conclusions just saying

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nimblehorse 1 month ago

So gay & depraved

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_Freedom_ 1 month ago

Can we PLEASE start the tribulation already so I know we only have 7 years to go so this shit show ends.

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