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Published on 30 Nov 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Also the doctor who discovered this in the covid shots was allegedly taken away and has now mysteriously died and of course he drops the obligatory " its those damn nazis" at the end.

another distraction IDK but we know the vax ain't good!!

⁣ ( hmmmm

⁣Watch this video with Austrian Doctor, Andreas Noack talking about Graphene Hydroxide (GHO) present in the vaccines which he explains act as nano razor blades circulating through blood vessels and slowly cutting into the blood vessels walls. The faster the blood flows (like in athletes), the more agressive the cuts in the vessels are. 😳😳😳

Dr Noack had some months ago been arrested whilst carrying out a live youtube video.

Dr.Andreas Noack had a PhD in this area and claimed to be the only expert who knew the science behind graphene (Hydr)oxide in Europe.

He published the video interview about this on the 23rd of November 2021 and was killed 2 days later in a brutal assault. Watch his pregnant wife talking about it in the video

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45ACP 2 months ago

There is a video on brandnewtube of the doctor being arrested by jackboots police breaking into his place and taking him away. This was during a live stream.

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TheDemonKing 2 months ago

How is someone who is killing most of us white people with deadly murder injections like hitler?
Hitler killed Jews and foreigners who were actively working against the white people against white nations
None of these people killing us white people are like Hitler. They are like Marx and in the name of Marx hundreds of million were killed in the past and now in the name of Marx they are currently killing billions
I hate how people have been programmed to attack Hitler,and by extension attack the white race every time some tyrannical dictators kill their own people
Hitler didn't even kill very many people either
Stalin killed way more,but because he was killing white people nobody cares.
The progressives itching to call anyone "like hitler" are not your allies. That said I'm still glad he's brought this information to the public eye
The more of us that don't accept these injections the better. Even if they all get shoved in Shield camps while every other hominid on the planet dies they will still be alive healthy and not injected. We can just save them from the slavery they'll be subjected to in these camps later
The goal is to save our race,the enemy is too strong for us to save every individual entire crops of white people will be lost but we've survived mass die offs before and we will survive this again. But we've gotta violently physically fight back too

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DecodeReality 2 months ago

Autist detected. If you like German police and soldiers so much, how do you explain what they're doing to their own people now?

Are you a closet faggot? Why is this place full of Americans who desperately want to be German? Quite pathetic, if you ask me.

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TheDemonKing 2 months ago

@DecodeReality: you people get dumber every day
I've never claimed I want to be anything except the Demon I am
If you can't tell the difference between the Germans during WW2 and the Germans today you are the stupid pathetic one
If you wanna know more about me,watch my videos titled "fuck the gate keepers"
I don't think there's one person on here who supports what the germans, and everyone else for that matter are doing to their own people.

You aren't the first person on here to throw hate at me the Nazi Christcucks really fuckin me and if you watch my videos you'll understand why,my speeches speak for themselves and they're mostly 15 minutes or less so I'm not asking for much of your time

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TheDemonKing 2 months ago

He had a heart attack,it was caused by the COVID-19 on the fists and the boots of the men who were beating him!
Another tragic covid death

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Soldier1 2 months ago

I've heard two different stories on Noack. One was that he was ambushed
and attacked, and died from the injuries. The other was that he died from a heart attack. I don't really know what happened to him. If he died from a heart attack, it more than likely was due to being injected with something. He was young and healthy, not heart attack material.

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Bond0077 2 months ago

If he said it was who it was, they would've...

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