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Great example of how we should talk to cops 👏🏻

Published on 08 Sep 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.

⁣Sorry, but I have no respect for cops. I might have some compassion for the human being behind the uniform, but whenever they wear that badge they are in service of our corrupt government, and therefore should be considered the enemy. Do not let yourself be walked all over by them. Know your rights, like the smart man in this video does!

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tarzzan 6 days ago

should of just made pig noises always works for me

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Here_We_Go_Again 10 days ago

You can detect deceit when someone is talking to you… by looking at their eyes as they speak.

Watch the female cop’s eyes as the “detained” man questions her statement about his being ordered to vacate the public building…

Her deceitful response is belied by twice averting her eyes to the side as she uttered her lies.

Wake up West.

Cops are NOW ZOGbots and an enemy of all Aryan Volk.

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RossdeB 19 days ago

A small piece of authority inflates their little pea brains ,

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BasedAndAwake 19 days ago

just castle guards doing what they're told, don't try and teach them anything except orders! Constitution guaranteed by citizen militia not government.How naive to expect morality from government (unless it's a good monarchy).

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Hatbox 20 days ago

I'm glad he put that spic female cop in her place. Eat crow senorita!

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