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Greedy Kikes Steal Millions of Dollars From Special Needs Children

Published on 15 Dec 2022 / In Uncategorized

Dirty jews steal from disabled kids

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Habsfan1616 3 months ago

Make sure to keep them here before they run off to Israel to be free like a bird because evil does not exist in the land of the Satanic rat jew.

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Half_truth7s 3 months ago

Rabbi hiding behind his attorneys and Talmud. . . . . .so typical........

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BasedAndAwake 3 months ago

they steal, they lie, nothing else

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jimmyhugo 3 months ago

01:29 the nice jewish man's utmost concern at the moment is to secure his jew hat on his head. to me at least this indicates the man's jewish nature in that being jewish is of the utmost importance at every moment even when he is being accused of committing a crime against civilized society and also possibly facing some sort of harmful repercussions

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oddwarlock 3 months ago

filthy jews

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