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Greek Island Art and Culture 2000-3000 BC - Ancient Moderns (1979)

Published on 23 Nov 2021 / In Documentaries

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Ancient art history.

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ARYAN VIKING 9 days ago

The architecture of the times thousands of years ago speaks loudly of the intelligence of the people and when we compare it to England when they began as a civilization for English people we can see there was already existing architecture just like Greece had 5000 years earlier. The English did not know how to reproduce buildings in a dome fashion, the style already there. It is why the English did not know these things that I question. I love studying culture and I know that any Jew will do nothing but hate against the White Race in anything they say and we cannot hear truth told from any Jew. They will only lie around the truth and put our accomplishments onto one of their people or somebody else with this unlimited access to money they have with the Rothschild banks simply manufacturing their money anytime they want to pay it out to murder our people and tell their lies in their movies and News Sources. Getting to the truth I must ask myself why there were suddenly a people to come upon the nation of England at that time to begin colonization. Old Norse writings show that England was a land without people for 6000 years while the Vikings ruled those lands. All Jewish made movies want to erase Vikings from existence don't they? Jews want to call our people Heathens and other names they make up as insults when everybody knows that a Jew is a Nigger with a capital N. Yet of the Vikings in truth, they were the people that even the Roman Emperors paid annual Tribute to in Gold and other treasures and their culture extended throughout Europe. This History of our race shows when the first Jews came about from an Arab man and a slave female the Arabs had abducted from her homeland. As a group Jews were never anything more than slavers working for Arabs. They murdered the Pharaoh's and who were they? They were White. The Pharaoh's of China pyramids were also White. No Jew had even been born when our people ruled all these nations of Europe and Asia. History tells us that our people were murdered en masse in large numbers throughout Europe and those left alive were enslaved for 700 years beneath Jewish-led rebellion of Arab troops. This is History and a time when our existing cultural beliefs in gods and goddesses changed to a figure known as Jesus Christ. Christ in the Arabic nations was a creation designed to place all people beneath 1 God. It does rewrite our History of the White Race doesn't it? It also produced a Dark Age. The Dark Ages of Christianity is the thing we have to look at because this is the time when all writings, buildings and religious beliefs of our race was destroyed. Fanaticism, they say, caused it. Whites lost at least 5000 years of learning at that time, lost the ability to heal themselves through science and medicine. The Black Plague came and again large numbers of our people died. Jews step in with all the wealth they stole from our White Kings and Pharaoh's and began paying it out to have more Whites murdered. So, since 1913 the Jew has been allowed to manufacture money on worthless paper at no costs to themselves, simply taking from us anything we have with their created Police Departments. Armed gunmen who commit any crime for a Jew while they lie afterward about those they put in jail. Again back to the History of the North that the Jew wants everyone to forget, it is said that Jews from England brought armies to their nations and forced conversions to Christianity at swordpoint, beheading anyone who continued to follow their cultural beliefs. Charlemagne was a main contributor of these armies of "Christians" who beheaded Whites on the order of Jews. Looks like Enland became a civilization only after the downfall of the White race, writing their History from that point.

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pastprovespresent 7 days ago

At the time of Jesus Christ, there were no Arabic nations. The Arabs were pagans. It was Mohammad who married a wealthy Catholic woman. That's where this illiterate merchant got his ideas. The areas of N. Africa and Near East were Christian as well, but not the inventors. It is even written on archaic maps, the Iberian peninsula (iber and eber are archaic pronounciations of Hebrew). In Europe, there is the Iber river, Eber river and the T'iber river. Our people were monotheists until some were held in bondage in Assyria. That is where they got the gods and goddesses. Go read the Ora Linder and you will see we were monotheists. The only language that can be translated word for word with Hebrew is Welsh, which is Gaelic. Even the Aryans in Persia were monotheists. It's documented that there were Aryan Christians in 500 ad long before what you claim happened in the North. I might agree with you on the plagues causing lost knowledge as so many died at an alarming rate.

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Konigtiger1945 9 days ago

Wow! Rex Harrison. Nice find

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