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Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler

Darcy John Bouchard
Published on 20 Sep 2022 / In Entertainment

⁣Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler

A 2011 book by Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan

Fuhrer ⁣Adolf Hitler and ⁣his pregnant wife, Eva Braun, are secreted out from the ruins of Berlin by Martin Bormann ⁣and taken to Argentina via Vatican "rat lines."

Hitler lived in Argentina until he died, in 1962.

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raymeski 7 days ago

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Darcy John Bouchard
Darcy John Bouchard 6 days ago

Yes. I sorta felt the same way, too, until I got ahold of a few great audiobooks about how ZOG's Paperclip scientists precipitated der Fuhrer's escape via Norway, where-at the Nazi scientiests - most likely Jews - had created the first heavy water necessary for processing weapon's-grade uranium [ ] and this they used in the creation of the nukes they detonated in Japan.
Der Fuhrer was then smuggled to Fascist Spain aboard U-977, where-at was Otto Skorenzy, and on to Argentina.

Check this out:

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