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>"God loves all people and races"

Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In Bible / Sermons

God does not change. He is the God of the White race.

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ellockjack 1 month ago

Which were the parts of the Bible that the devil actually wrote?

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ellockjack 4 days ago

A downvote, but no evidence to the contrary.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 2 months ago

very well done Brother!!!

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Lawi 2 months ago

Yahweh God is a racist who demands that Adam - white - man preserve the integrity of His Creation, all the while Satan (Fallen Ones, now Jews) turning beasts into impostors (Hominids) so that they can promote Miscegenation, Diversity, Multiculturalism and the corruption of God’s White Adamic race. ...

The Bible is a book of discrimination by Yahweh God. We find the first record of discrimination in Genesis 4:3-5 where we read, "Cain brought to Yahweh an offering and Abel his brother also brought an offering. Yahweh had regard for Abel and his offering, but for Cain and his offering he had no regard. So Cain was very angry, and was rejected." Cain could not hold the priesthood for he was not of Adam and not part of the Adamic man, which Yahweh God created. ...

In Genesis 5:3-4 it describes the family of Adam, where he begat Seth, and barely notices the existence of the others. Discrimination? Yes, indeed! Right on down through verse 31, this chapter notes the existence of each succeeding generation, yet approves only one in each generation by giving his name. ...

This brings us to Noah. In Genesis 6:17-18, we find that Yahweh discriminated in favor of Noah, perfect in his genealogy to Adam (seed), and his family and against all the other people living in that land. Yahweh saw a difference between mixed population and his Adamic white man. ...

Throughout Genesis Yahweh discriminates in favor of one and against another in every generation down to Abraham. Among Abraham's children, Yahweh discriminated in favor of Isaac and against Ishmael. Among Isaac's children, Yahweh favors Jacob over Esau (race mixer, Edom - Edomites), making Jacob the father of Yahweh's people and changing his name to Israel, while Esau and his descendants were cursed with Yahweh's indignation forever. Likewise, Yahweh favored Joseph over all his eleven brothers and again Yahweh discriminated in favor of the Israelite's and against the Egyptians.

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Venresswolfe 2 months ago

This video will do two things . It will bring the non Whites rushing in to justify their existence or the ones larping as Whites to defend them. For me Its a great video that opens up ones perspectives on biblical principals. Thanks for sharing.

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AntiCuck82 2 months ago

My kind of scripture. My kind of God

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